Billboard: “The Katy Perry Renaissance Is Here: ‘Small Talk’ Is A Triumph…”

Billboard has shared their review of Katy Perry’s “Small Talk” calling it a “triumph for the pop star” and stating that “the Katy Perry Renaissance is here.” With her latest single, released on Friday (Aug. 9), Perry has recovered the top-level song craft that both her fans and general pop enthusiasts have been craving for […]

USA Today: Katy Perry Has Another Winner On Her Hands With “Small Talk.”

USA Today has shared their review of Katy Perry’s “Small Talk.” Following the thrilling debut of Katy Perry’s return single “Never Really Over” earlier this year, the singer shared her second new song of 2019, titled “Small Talk.” And she has another winner on her hands, with the new song — co-written by Charlie Puth […]