Katy Perry Speaks With Martha Debayle.

Katy Perry spoke with Martha Debayle about being pregnant and quarantined, her Spanish fans, the “Daisies” music video and the song’s lyrics, the majority of her upcoming album being about resilience, triumph, overcoming and empowerment, her go-to strategy during her dark times, her new song “Champagne Problems” being about “going through hell and digging out […]

Katy Perry Chats With Q On CBC.

Katy Perry chatted with Tom of Q on CBC about what she thinks about the message of “Daisies” in the midst of the pandemic, how her soul is the ghostwriter of her most empowering songs, hope always having a place in her heart, what hope she has for herself, what she means when she says […]

Coke Studio Sessions Featuring Katy Perry.

Katy Perry performed live for Coke Studio Sessions and did a Q&A where she talked about her favorite lyric from “Daisies,” her favorite food during pregnancy, what she’s most excited about with the release of her upcoming album, her favorite songs from her upcoming album, what inspired her upcoming album, and more. Watch below. Rise […]

Katy Perry Speaks With RTL 102.5.

Katy Perry spoke with RTL 102.5 about her upcoming album release, dropping clues unbeknownst to fans, 2020 being a year for clarity, having to find your silver linings, the song “Teary Eyes,” the meaning behind “Daisies,” the country fighting to make the country whole and to be the UNITED States again, being grateful to have […]

Katy Perry On bigFM.

Katy Perry was interviewed on bigFM and talked about “Daisies,” there being a lot of hope, resilience, joy and finding happiness on her upcoming album, the metaphor being “Daisies,” that she’ll be releasing an acoustic version of “Daisies,” having a ‘babymoon,’ using her platform to spread the message that Black Lives Matter, being an ally, […]