The Daily Herald has posted a review of Katy Perry’s “Witness: The Tour” stop in Salt Lake City, UT.

Her easy, funny and moving interaction with Lucy is a perfect example of how Perry can take an extravagant, flashy, over-the-top arena production and still turn it into something of a personal experience for most of the audience. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a concert with so many set pieces, costume changes, special effects and eye-popping production as the one Perry delivered Friday — which is part of her “Witness: The Tour,” currently in the midst of 51 North American dates.


Adding to the evening’s spectacle were Perry’s cadre of backup dancers, featuring a chorus line of eight women and occasionally several men (and giant puppeteers at various times). The choreographed routines were on point and entertaining in ways that were fun, flashy and extremely energetic. The dancers quick-changed into as many, if not more, costumes than Perry, ranging in matching outfits that fit the overall theme or presentation of many different songs.

Perry’s backup band, featuring five musicians all dressed in pink and a pair of backing vocalists, had several moments in the spotlight, but were most often an afterthought amid all the pomp and circumstance happening elsewhere on stage.


Departing in dramatic fashion, Perry unquestionably left an arena full of fans with a night to remember.

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