Dream Opening act for the AUS leg of WTT

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    OK so who do YOU want to be the opening act for Witness the Tour AU

    I Would LOVE it to be an Aussie/NZ Gal to help them with a leg up
    I Want
    Vera Blue or Amy Shark

    I feel Like Vera Blue would suit the Katy pump up kinnda mood more though.

    Thoughts ideas, who do you wanna see…. how do we Beat Tove lo any way….. discuss….


    Lilithia ♡

    I’d rather an international artist. But I’ve no-one to name. I think I just want to be introduced to a new international artist, someone I don’t know yet.



    For local, I feel like Sheppard would be cool. Or Vanessa Amorosi (even if she is a bit old school).

    Internationally, I’m really liking Zara Larsson at the moment. But I also think Katy’s proteges Cyn and Ferras would be just as brilliant.



    I would love either Zara Larsson or Sigrid! or Years and Years!


    Lilithia ♡

    Yes, I would love Cyn! Hopefully she has a bigger discography so she can perform more songs IF she comes.



    I’m thinking it may be Sigrid, Zara Larsson or Carly Rae Jepsen?! Would love any of those haha

    If it was Aussie I would LOVE it to be Vera Blue and with Lady Powers being pushed on mainstream radio it is def possible



    I’m wishing for Kacey Musgraves. She’s got no other shows from July 14 to October.



    Vera Blue would be a dreaaaaam! Or Amy Shark. I’m hoping Katy gives the opportunity to a local female performer!



    Sheppard would be an amazing opening act! They are amazing live I was lucky enough to see them perform in their home town!



    There’s no shortage of amazing Australian talent right now – especially females.

    My money has been on Vera Blue since last July due to the label and sound/vibe/audience alignment but Mallrat is a small chance as I remember seeing Glucky rep Mallrat merch last year.

    I’d also be pumped for Meg Mac, Tkay, George Maple, Nicole Millar (or Amy shark, I guess… no tea no shade).

    Considering the startling amount of commercial radio play that international artists get compared to Aussie artists, having one of our own acts in front of Katy’s crowds would be amazing.



    I’m here for Amy Shark in a Big way too also Meg Mac now that you mention it! She’s lush

    The Mallrat connection is a food spot, I do love UFO



    Kacey Musgraves. I missed her little Australian tour in 2015 because i was overseas for katy. 🙁 i can dream that she will open for KP right? I mean, perfect opportunity to enter a new market…. it could work. right? haha



    With these new dates added I’m like waiting for Dainty to announce support. I have a feeling its gonna be a pretty good and big one? :3



    I wish she could bring Tove Lo back. Saw her support Katy in Sydney and she was incredible and it started by love for her.
    Camped out all day for her solo Sydney show as well, so gorgeous!



    I’m not going to lie, I would absolutely LOVE it if it was Hailee Stienfeld… I know she is already opening for Katy now in a London but it would be so cool!

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