Katy Perry Pop up shop!

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    Throw Back to the Amazing Katy Perry Pop up shop we were blessed to have visit our shores!

    who was able to check it out while it was here? and was anyone lucky enough to bump into Katy while there?

    Share your photos and experience 🙂 x



    I Went to the pop up shop while it was in Sydney.

    It was amazing to get up close to these beautiful costumes and epic props.

    The highlights for me were the iconic KP3D popcorn dress, it was amazing seeing all the detail up close!

    And the all the amazing Hello Katy Tour Props!

    I loved the CDT Wipped cream cannons!

    And of course the Prism!



    I went to the one in Melbourne… I may have cried hahaha it was so amazing seeing the props up close and personal!!



    I went to the Sydney one and about an hour after I left.. Katy popped in. Such a bummer. But regardless, I ended up buying so much merch I probably didn’t need. Being up-close and personal with the props was such a surreal feeling!


    Lilithia ♡

    I went to them in both Sydney and Melbourne. I just think we got so lucky to see all these tour costumes and props up close! I don’t think she has done anything like this anywhere else to be honest!



    I went to the one in Sydney and i loved it. Definitely bought a lot of things that i shouldn’t have but i don’t regret it. I loved seeing her microphones up close and being able to touch the props she’s used in past tours. We were definitely spoilt when she came to Australia.



    Went to the Melbourne one. I think we ended up staying there all day just in case Katy popped in again haha. They kept kicking us out and making us line up again. The costumes and props were amazing.

    I have no idea where my photos are for this though, I might try and find them.



    I went to the Melbourne one on my birthday and the staff were kind enough to give me a signed tour book as a birthday gift! 😀



    Aww thats Wicked @maartychokito what a wicked Birthday!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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