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    @iickmekaty I love that story, so presh. <3 Even better that you got to celebrate with other KatyCats after! Fills me with warm fuzzies reading that experience!!



    That’s such a great story! Congrats!



    Meeting Katy— Columbus Ohio

    First let me give a big shout out to KatyCats for making this happen. It was a dream come true!! The day they sent out them emails saying the winners had been picked, I saw nothing in my inbox. I was sad but knew it would still be a great time. I decided to refresh my inbox about an hour later and the only words I remember seeing were, Congratulations! I’ve never screamed so loud in my life. I can honestly say I didn’t know for sure if this was going to happen so I only told a few people. My Mom was driving 2 1/2 hours to my house to go to the concert. She is 73 and a big fan of Katy’s. I had to call her and let her know she was going to be my guest. I think she screamed as loud as I did! I literally kept refreshing my inbox waiting for the reply after I sent my info over. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep until I got the confirmation. Finally it came, but I still couldn’t sleep.
    The day of the concert we drove about 1 1/2 hours to Columbus. We stood in line at Will Call to pick up our wrist bands and instruction info, but they said there was nothing under my name. I told them look again LoL. They finally found them. That is when it really hit me, this is happening. We waited to get into the venue, and went right to the merchandise table, checked out the view from our seats and then went to the meeting area. While we were waiting we chatted with some other folks who were going in to the M&G. When it was time, they came out and got us and led us into the room. I was not expecting it to be a lounge,I thought we would just be standing in a hall way somewhere. Turns out that Columbus was the first city that was using the room, so we were lucky. Once in the room, the Witness CD played in the background and there were goodies for us to take. We got flamingo sun glasses, wax lips and chocolate eyeball candies. The room was decorated with Katy artwork, neon lights, a lip shaped couch and a photo booth where you could be in the eye of Katy’s mouth. We all took pictures for each other and then just sat around and chatted. Finally they told us Katy was on her way up. We kept looking around the room because we didn’t know where she was coming from. We saw a curtain move and Katy popped her head in and then disappeared. The curtain opened again and she stepped into the room. She turned and looked at Tamara and asked “what in here is going to cut me” as there were some plastic looking boxes and tables. We all told her look out for the hexagon box because it had already fallen over. She came into the room and said “Hi Guys, sorry, this is the first time we are using this room, so we are trying to get it figured out”.
    My mom was first in line and Katy told her how much she liked her shirt. I thought that it was awesome how she took her hand and said “Hi, I’m Katy, nice to meet you”. Very genuine as if we didn’t know who she was. She chatted with my mom for a while, but I can’t really remember what they talked about. The only thing I remember was they talked about how my mom and her mom both have the same name, Mary. Once my mom was done, it was my turn. Honestly I can’t remember what I said or what she said, as I was taken back by how beautiful and genuine she was. Once again she shook my hand and introduced herself to me. We took a photo together and then she called my mom back over so we could take one of all three of us. Katy was surprised at how much my Mom and I look alike. I then told her that I had bought a gift for Nugget, but they said I could not bring it. She said “who is they”? I said whoever emailed me. She then told me to “go and get it.” I told her that I left it at home and she was disappointed. She then Said “next time don’t listen to them and bring it.” We told her Thank You very much for meeting with us and then stayed in the room until everyone was done.
    It was such a great experience but I think that since we were the first group of KatyCats, we didn’t know what to expect. I am now seeing posts about how the KatyCats go last in the M&G and we actually went first. I was so nervous that I really didn’t know what to expect or how much we could interact with her. Seeing some of the videos and posts makes me sad that I may have blown my one and only chance to meet her, but none the less it is a day I will never forget. Once again I cannot express how gratefull I am to the KatyCats and @katyperryforum for this opportunity. I only hope this won’t be my last experience meeting Katy.
    I have decided to get tickets to the Louisville show and Iam hoping that a fellow KatyCaty who is going into the M&G will finally be able to get my gift for Nugget to Katy. Fingers crossed.




    Thank you for sharing this moment with us . Love the pictures 😉



    @itskellyrae I loved reading your story and love the photos! If they do one for Toronto, it’ll be the first Canadian show to do so, so you inspired me to get something for Nugget! Canada is known for the Hudson Bay Company, so I’ll get her a collar in the colors of the company.

    And there’s no way you should think you ‘blew’ your chance at meeting Katy, it went as well as it could have especially since you never really know what’s going to happen. 20 seconds or 2 minutes I’m sure you’ll cherish that moment forever, I know if I don’t get to meet her I would give anything to have a meeting like yours 🙂



    YAY @itskellyrae I am hoping we can meet up! I am making a shirt for nugget too =) Love your M&G story =)



    That is the plan!!! You have my number, We’ll make it happen! 3 more days!



    MEETING KATY: Barclays Center, Brooklyn

    (you can also find pictures and videos on my twitter!!! @itsslatykaty )

    OK I just want to start off by saying that Katy is genuinely one of the sweetest and kindest people I’ve ever met. I’ve met a couple of famous people and the difference between them and Katy is that she really cares about her fans and makes it very obvious that she wants to know about you and to hear about your life. She’s just as sweet and pure as you can imagine.

    So I was so so nervous bc I’m just an anxious person to begin with and l was telling the ppl around me that I was honestly freaking out. At first, the line seemed really long and I was like OMG this might take a while but it went by quickly and before I knew it the KCs were up. OH and before this, Tamra walked in with Cleo and the KCs were freaking out and it was very iconic.

    So this whole time I’m rehearsing what I’m going to say and drilling it into my head. Then I was up and I was literally at a loss of words like I honestly couldn’t believe this was happening.

    So she came up to me with the biggest smile and was said “Hey queen!!!” And I died. Then she shook my hand and was just being so sweet. Then I asked her if she knew my twitter videos (y’all know I’ve been dying to know this) and she grabbed my card and looked at my @ and was like OF COURSE I KNOW THEM. And she opened it and smiled really big because she saw that I put my graduation photo in there and was just talking to me about that. Then she talked about how creative the card was and the shirt that I made. THEN SHE GOES “YOU’RE VERY CUTE” and I completely lost it.

    Then she was like “I’ve never met you before?” and I’m not sure why I said no (nerves I guess) but i corrected myself and said wait wait yes at Z100. I told her I looked completely different bc I use to wear blue contacts and had blonde hair and this is when she starts to touch my hair!!!?! She asked if it was all of my own hair and I was like yeah and then she said it was beautiful. Then she continued to feel it and just said “WOW it’s so healthy” then we took our pic.

    After, she was thanking me again for the card and this is when I was just getting super super nervous cause, I guess, at that time it hit me that I’m literally standing in front of my idol. And she totally saw how nervous I was getting and smiled really big at me and said “are you okay?” And I just said that I was nervous and she hit me with my card and gave me a big hug.

    So shoutout to the twins for calming me down after because I was literally freaking out and they were so nice and just talked to me. We had a nice conversation about being a Katy Stan and about college so that was really fun!

    AND THE BIGGEST S/O TO KPF FOR BEING THE REAL MVPS AND MAKING THIS POSSIBLE!!! I am so thankful for y’all!!! This is such an amazing opportunity for the KC community and I’m so happy for all the KCs that have and will meet her!! Thanks again ❤️



    I think, uh, i caught a typo and tried to edit and the thread at my post, so take two:

    so, when i found out i won, i knew three things immediately: one, i was so excited to finally get time with KP again for the first time in yeeaaaars, and two, i was going to take my mom to meet KP. rewind a few months back, she and i went to a rally in philadelphia for hillary clinton, and it was my mom’s first time seeing KP perform. for me, that day was super special, my mom and i bonding over women we both admire greatly. naturally, she loved it, so when she told me that she also wanted to see her on tour, it was a given. three, it was going to be a surprise right up until the last minute.

    fast forward to show day – i wake up and tell my mom she’s got to be sure to dress up — the jeans and button down she was wearing from her morning errands would not do. she goes and consults her closet and comes back with a sequin skirt and blazer and asks me if it’s too much. lowkey (((((yaaaassss))))) SO PROUD and play it off like “nope it’s good ma, you’re good”

    we make it to the arena, head to pick up our wristbands, get on line and take an insta story with my mom and say “hey ma, guess what………….you’re gonna meet Katy Perry” and she squeals, she’s so surprised, had no idea it was coming outside of me saying to dress up (“I was wondering what we’re a little more dressed up than all of these other people!”) make it over to the area we’re instructed to wait until her staff comes to pick us up. I see some of the KC’s I met at the after-after party from MSG and we all just hang tight until it’s time.

    the M&G lounge is awesome, lots of super funky furniture, artwork from witness, jars of chocolate eyeballs, wax lips, ring pops, flamingo sunglasses, etc., and of course, Witness playing in the background.

    the room is full of maybe 35-40 people max? and everyone was taking pics and whatnot. katy then pops her head in and she’s in the full red outfit which i LOVE, so i was SOOO excited to see it up close. each person lines up and it goes steady at first, but like everyone’s doing a selfie and a long shot and Katy’s like okay y’all need to choose one or the other, so she can make sure she gets to everyone. I didn’t get to speak much to everyone else, mostly out of my own shyness, but the girls in front of me never met her before so that was really special!

    As for my mom, she’s pretty chill literally up until the second katy came up to her and she lost ALL CHILL she just started nervous laughing and went IM SO NERVOUS and caught her breath when katy held her hands and was like oh my god you’re -real- and then I’m dying bc you’re doing great mommmmm so then katy turns to me and she kind of just looks at me for a beat and I go, “it’s nice to see you again!” And she’s like “it’s nice to see you too! Remind me of your name again?” So I tell her and I was like I put together some of our greatest hits in an album so lemme TBT and I showed her a mini compilation of pics of us, going all the way back to when I met her after Irving Plaza in 2009, and she goes “oh my GOD I love this” and grabs my phone to flip through the rest.

    She sees the pic from CDT @ Newark and I was like, “the last time I saw you was here, 6 years ago!” and she’s like wooowwwww and she’s zooming in and out at both of our faces and I’m like “we were such different people then,” and we make eye contact and she’s like (full serious) “we really were” and then keeps zooming and goes “I was skinny then” (ALSO FULL SERIOUS??) and I was like GIRL SHHHH

    We got to some PWT pics and I told her about when me and a couple of other OGs were in Boston and how I caught her Ray Bans literally in mid air, landed in my hands, and she got a kick outta that lmao.

    when we went to take our pic by the backdrop, she was like well thank you for sticking around for so long and I’m like uhm of course you have my heart girl. I hand her a letter i wrote bc i was too worried i wouldn’t have enough time to tell her all i wanted to say. She noticed I was wearing her shoes (the Sarah’s aka my namesake because #reasons) and was like oh aren’t those comfortable, do you like them? (the answer is yes, and they’re perfectly extra thanks very much)

    once we took our pics she was like is that your mom? And I was like yes! Can I get a pic with the three of us and she obliged, which i was super happy about, she really didn’t have to but of course she’s the best y’all like i can’t stress this enough.

    and then my mom stays back with her and was just so dang cute, and goes to katy and says “y’know we’re the same bc me, you and my daughter are all middle children” and she starts laughing and looks at me and I’m like yup, the troublemakers and she’s like pretty much!

    Afterwards, my mom was so happy that i wanted to share this moment with her, and i’m honestly just so blessed to make those memories with her too. i’m incredibly grateful for the time and attention katy gave to me and to everyone else in the room. save for the first time i met katy (signed up for a citibank credit card to meet her at six flags LOL REAL TBT), KPF has been so generous to give fans like me an opportunity to make these small, but far from insignificant connections with KP, and i’m so so so grateful for it.



    Ahh I loved reading all of your stories, thanks for sharing! 🙂

    @itskellyrae and @tinklefish also super cute that you both took your mums!



    So good to read all your stories. Katy is such a sweetheart and the KPF rocks !



    Guys, i cannot put into words the magic of my experience. I was so proud of myself for not bawling or making an idiot out of myself. I do wish I had said more to her, told her I loved her, explored the length of my being a KatyCat. None of that came out, because the second she saw my manicure she yelled for Tamra to get her phone! I never planned on showing her my nails or expected her to see them. But immediately she goes “oh, you’re nails…TAMRA I NEED MY PHONE!” and I was like oh god, I’m going on her instagram. She then made fun of me for not remembering my insta name, but the other KCs stood up for me lol

    The highlights:
    1. Katy putting me on her insta!
    2. Katy looked me up and down and gave my outfit praise with a “yaaaas queen!” I was wearing KP Collections shoes and a swish swish custom jersey
    3. Katy saw my Lotus ring and straightened it for me and played with it on my finger while talking to me. It’s how she noticed my nails.
    4. I got two hugs, because thank God I was brave enough to ask for one when she went to shake my hand.
    5. It may seem small, because she probably says it a lot, but hearing her say “nice to finally meet you” hit me so hard. I’d been waiting for that moment with her since I was 16 and it just was so magical. I never would have dreamed I would have that opportunity.

    I wish I had said more. I wish I hadn’t nervously babbled about everything except myself. I feel like I didn’t give Katy any idea of who I was, or who she was to me. But when I saw her during PWT she took my letter, and in that letter, I laid my heart out. Chances are she never read it, but I did at least say it and it was in her hands. Meeting her went better than I am thinking it did, because I’m sure every KatyCat feels the way I do after meeting her for the first time. I really hope it’s not my last opportunity. I could never regret this experience, and the things I did say, though. It was still the most magical moment, and I love how she was so welcoming and so comfortable to talk to. I think that’s why I didn’t just gush like a teenager. I wanted to have a genuine conversation with her. I talked about me, and my students. She was so sweet and patient. I love that she didn’t rush me along, and she wasn’t just like “ready for a picture?” and that was it. It was just so amazing. I’m still in awe.

    I am so thankful to this website (hi, ladies!), and Katy’s entire team, for giving me this chance. I could never repay you, and this moment is one I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you, Thank you so much!



    I attended the Philadelphia show on 10/12/17. I even bailed out of my second class because I knew I had a M&G and needed to be there on time. My brother and I arrived at the venue super early. We got into the wrong line and had to go all the way around the venue. Once we got there, we had to meet up at the designated location and two members from Katy’s team would meet us there. Once the twins showed up they took us to the little room where we would be meeting Katy! There were chairs, pictures, candy, and flamingo glasses! We could take photbooth pictures and mingle. The album was playing in the background. My brother and I took pictures and were so excited! It was both of our first Katy concerts! The twins made their way around the room and talked to every person. Katy’s team is the absolute best! They are so nice and caring! Eventually, we were so nervous and going crazy that the groups who won from KatyCats and some of the Boys and Girls club members started singing the album! Our little group was so much fun! We were recorded and were told that it woyld be on xfinity and behind the scenes things later! We arrived at the m&g room around 7:20, but didn’t meet Katy until about 8:15. KatyCats were the 2nd to the last group and we were getting so anxious. Katy came in in her red outfit and said “I’m sorry. I’m late I’m late.I’m late.” We weren’t allowed to get anything signed because we were short in time and there were a lot of people. We toom pics and videos as she was greeting fans. Finally, it was our turn and our little group sang a bit of “Teenage Dream” to Katy. She looked shocked and scared, but also appreciative. Lol. When it was finally my brother and my turn I was so nervous. She went up to us and said “Hi, I’m Katy. What’s your name?” I said Brittany, but I was lucky I even remembered my name. She was so pretty abd so nice, I froze. Luckily, my brother talked. She asked us how we were. We asked her how she like Philly. She said she didnt have a lot of time to explore, but it’s always a nice city! I told her I had a card for her and she said thank you so much honey! The twins took our picture and I asked her for a hug. We hugged and I said “thank you for everything. I love you!” She said she lpved me too, then hugged my brother. As we were leaving, I rold her to break a leg out there! She said “thank you so much! Enjoy the show” i got my phone back from the twins thanked them again and they escorted us out. We took our seats and watched the best concert ever!

    Thank you guys so much for giving us this opportunity. It was the best day of my life! I didn’t say much to Katy, but I got it out in my card. Lol. I’m so glad I met the people I did and thankful for this opportunity.



    First of all THANK YOU again for the millionth time for this opportunity. You’re making all of our teenage dreams come true. I’m going to be extra with the pictures just so you can follow along better.

    I attended the Oct 12th show in Philadelphia and like someone said before, while we were in the lounge we were so full of adrenaline that we had nothing else to do with our nerves but to sing with the album lol. I have never been so anxious in my entire life I don’t think (in the good way). We had a lot of time to kill so we all talked and got to know each other. It’s always so nice to meet new katycat friends. One awesome chica and her friend were meeting Katy from Brazil! They were a lot of fun.

    When it was finally my turn I was shaking and sweating like crazy, I even put deodorant on in line lol. cause who wants to be gross while meeting the Queen herself. I met Katy very briefly about a month ago and I didn’t expect for her to remember me, but after she came in for a big hug I said “you probably don’t remember me but I just saw you in Hershey and I was so worried you wouldn’t think I was a real katycat” and before I could even finish my sentence she was like “no no! You came! You CAMEEEE at the very end.” Even if in her head she was like I have no freaking clue who you are, God bless her for at least trying to remember each of us😭

    She was all about my sequin eye top and asked where I got it. I panicked and said Etsy because I couldn’t remember the website. “It’s really good, I love it so much”

    This was her reaction to Justice for Pendulum!! She knows, everyone. This was not the first she’s heard of this request lol. She said “Pendulum! You all want me to play Pendulum, huh. I have to figure out how to put that in there”
    The face was also about my Nuggets.. I said “get it, Nuggets…??” and her response was “oh I get all of it…” and smiled.

    Just look at that shade!

    (you can see the video on my twitter @morganjuliarose)

    It was so nice that her last words to me were “it was so nice to see you again!”😭

    In conclusion, it wasn’t a very serious or sappy meet and greet and I don’t mind! I just wanted to have fun! I wrote a letter to get all the sappy stuff off my chest. She is seriously the most genuine, most beautiful person I’ve ever met. 1:05 minutes was the longest, yet fastest moment of my whole life and it will be remembered until I die. Forever grateful of her and katycats.com❤️

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