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    Thanks for sharing your story!!! But what does the ribbon mean?



    I love reading your Stories! Keep writing 👌



    Hey fellow KatyCats!

    I finally have some time to write down my meet and greet. It may not be the best or longest one, but I’m thankful to at least have one and I want to share it with you all. I will try to keep it short and sweet. I met Katy (wow, that feels weird to say lol) at the Milwaukee show (12/4). I found out a week before the show from BGCA while I was at work on my break checking my phone and tried to keep my composure because I’m relatively new there, but I couldn’t and told ONE person. Next thing you know, the entire place knew (there’s like 90 employees there)! I was literally at work shaking.

    Fast forward to a week later, I’ve never been more anxious. Got my tickets and M&G passes from will call, went in and waited where we were told to meet Michael and Thomas (the twins). They were super cool. They came and checked everyone in and walked us down to the lounge where we all waited for Katy. The lounge was awesome with the couches and posters and table full of candy 🙂 I talked to a couple fellow KatyCats from Milwaukee, who were super sweet and giving me tips on meeting Katy since they met her before. I don’t think I ever got their names, but I know they’re on here. They also made it onto Katy’s insta story! Yay! I tried to hold off on the candy until after I met her, but I was so nervous all day that I barely ate and it was taking a while, so I was like how much you wanna bet that the moment I go for one of the pixy stix, she’s gonna come out? So I grabbed one and guess what? Seconds later, the twins were like let’s all get organized in a line, KATY IS COMING. So I down the pixy stick and my mouth turns blue and I’m like great, the one time I get to meet her, I look like I ate a smurf.
    So while we’re trying to get in line, Katy just pops in like it’s nothing and goes “hi”. Mind you, I’m trying to keep cool and not act like a fool, but my jaw literally dropped to the floor seeing this woman who means a lot to me and gotten me through so many tough times (as I’m sure she does the same for you all) feet away from me. I get in line, trying to be towards the back since I’ve read that she spends the most time with KatyCats, but I didn’t win here, but I’ve been a KatyCat (just nobody knows who I am because I stay low-key lol).

    As I’m in line, I’m frantically trying to figure out all the things I want to say. But as you may or may not know, whatever you have planned out in your head, never happens. So that was me haha. I freaked and just decided to pull up a picture that I took with David a few years ago. So it gets to be my turn and I’m like no, she’s about to engage in an interaction with little me. She sees my shoes all lit up (I wore my Miranda ones from the KP collection) and she goes “yaaasss” and does a little dance, which is my favorite part (I have a short snippet of it up on my Twitter and instagram). Walks up to me, shakes my hand and asks me my name. I wanted a hug though 🙁 But that’s okay. I had my phone and was like “I want to show you something, you may or may not know this guy”…she goes “that’s my bro!” I told her I was able to meet him after her last show in Chicago. She was like “I love him” and I was like yeah, he’s a super sweet guy! And then I asked if she wanted to take the photo of us or one of the twins and she goes, “I’ll take it”. So I handed her my phone, she snapped a couple photos and then handed it back and before I left her, I said “thank you so much for this opportunity” and she said “of course”. There were so many other things I wanted to say, but my mind was drawing a blank. Oh well. I hope she knows how much I love her. She’s literally so incredible. I can’t believe that happened. I’m so grateful for the opportunity from Katy and her amazing team to make this possible for all of us. I’m proud to be a KatyCat (despite some of the drama and negativity I sometimes see). KPF does a great job to bring all of us together and make dreams come true. So thank you, ladies!



    Seriously in love with all these meet & greet stories! I really hope I get the opportunity to meet KP with my sister. Katy is the best and such an incredible human being!




    I don’t even know where to start because this is a night I will never forget. First of all I’m from Canada so I travelled to Atlanta two days before the show. The whole time it didn’t really feel like it was actually happening until the night before the show and I couldn’t sleep at all. That day I woke up, Sarah came over and we started getting ready for the show, and honestly my hair and makeup have never mattered MORE so I was stressing ahaha.
    We got to the venue about 5:30pm-6pm and met up with the other Katycats and Lindsay gave me my wristband for the M&G (I owe Lindsay my whole life for bringing me as her plus one, love ya girl!)

    Finally it was time to go down to the lounge! Time went by so slow until Katy came to the room and once she got there it was our turn to go up before we knew it!!

    I went up as Katy was literally picking her nose with a tissue (I get it boo we’re all human) and she was like “I’m sorry I just have to do this” and I was like “it’s all good I was doing that earlier”
    Then she asked my name, and I also told her I was from Canada and she was like “what why?? where from Canada?”
    I said “Edmonton Alberta”
    And then Katy asked all shook ‘where’s that??” (side note, she’s only done 3 shows here so I was like giiiirrl you been there in my head lol)
    I told her it was close ish to Vancouver and then she asked me if I was coming to Vancouver for tour and I said yeah!! Then she asked if I was going the second night or the first night and I replied with probably both and she said good for you with a little sassy look.
    I then told her how we actually met once before at the Unicef event last year in NYC and she then starts talking about the night and how it was intense for her and I said yeah it was the best night of my life and showed her my tattoo (which is that day in Roman numerals on my shoulder) she touched and it said “Oh Staaaaaap” and pushed me with a big smile on her face, and said “you’re hilarious” And then I showed her the tattoo on my bicep that says “let go and just be free” she said “you’re, staaap….I love it!” I then said to her “I’m not crazy I swear” and Katy was like ” we’re all crazy hunny” AND MY HEART DROPPED THAT SHE CALLED ME HUNNY OKAY!
    We took our photo and I then asked her if I could tell her one more thing.

    Long story short I told Katy about a friend I had that passed away about 6 years ago and that if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have seen the good in life again. I started to cry and she hugged me for so long and asked about him and said the sweetest things to me that I would rather keep private.
    After that she said it was nice to meet you and I said you too and walked away crying.
    I feel so content knowing I finally got to share with Katy how much she helped me in a really low part of my life and I am forever grateful for that moment with her. She’s such an angel and I’m so proud to look up to someone like her for as long as I have.

    Thank you KPF for this opportunity that I will never forget I appreciate you all so much<3 And thank you Lindsay for bringing me as your plus one <3



    December 12, 2017: The greatest day of my life.

    First and foremost, I want to say THANK YOU to the amazing ladies at KPF that give us KC’s the opportunity to meet the idol that we have looked up to for years. It is amazing to see all of the people Katy has met this tour.

    So, I guess I’ll just jump right in. There is a lot that I wish I could go back and change or say to Katy, but I was so nervous and I turned into a freaking clam and I didn’t say anything that I wanted to. So there were probably around 40 people backstage for the M&G because some of her crew had friends and family there, so it took a little bit for her to get to the KC’s. Once it was out turn, her demeanor changed. She seemed a little more excited to meet us. And it was obvious she spent more time with us than everyone else.

    Finally, it was my turn. I felt pretty calm as soon as she locked eyes on mine, but yet my heart was pounding. I work at Space Camp in Alabama and I know how much she loves space related things and shes fascinated by it all. So I obviously had to bring her a gift from Space Camp. I was able to bring her a blue flight suit just like astronauts where and I had her name patch specially made to say Katheryn instead of KP or Katy. Whenever I was unfolding it, I was explaining that I work at SC in Alabama and she was all like “No you don’t” to which I nervously said “Swear”. When I got the suit unfolded she kept saying “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.” and her eyes lit up when she saw Katheryn on her badge. She said “I’ll forever have this”. She took the suit and asked what I did at camp and I told her I was a tour guide in the museum, and then she asked me if I had ever done the zero gravity chamber…..I said no, because well there is no such thing unfortunately, but I did not want to be like “nah girl that doesnt exist.” LOL She said “come on, you gotta get more spacey”. I had a gift bag with other gifts (a tshirt with cats dressed as astronauts, an astronaut Hello Kitty, a letter from me, space ice cream) I was trying to hand Tamra the bag because I figured KP would want to open it later, but as I was handing it over she grabbed it and said “no wait!” and immediately saw the astronaut ice cream, and gave me such a creepy derpy smile and she reached out and hugged me and whispered “You’re my favorite today” I was so awkward and I just said “Awwwww.” Then we took our picture and she looked down at me and asked how long I worked there and if I liked and. I said “Ive been there a year and I love it.” After our picture she thanked me for the gift and I told her I hope to see her wearing it and I pointed at the twins and told them to come to space camp too. Then I walked away with the biggest smile on my face.

    Katy is so genuine. I knew she was nice and kind, but I guess seeing it first hand and experiencing it made me truly believe it. I never knew I could possibly love her any more than I did before, but I left that room with a stringer love and a better appreciation for her. During the show she interacted with us so much and it was truly the best show I have been to.

    KP has truly been the shining light at the end of every single tunnel in my life. She brought me through several heartbreaks, my first struggle with depression, she has taught me how to love myself, and she has taught me how to work hard for what I want and chase my dreams. Because of her I moved to Orlando to chase a lifelong dream of working for Disney (where I worked two years) and there I found out who I was as a person and without those years, I wouldn’t be who I am today. She is my angel, my hero, my idol, and now my friend.

    My life is complete now that I have finally met her. Again, there’s a lot I wish I would have said to her if I weren’t so nervous, but I know in my heart our paths will cross again. Thank you KPF for giving me this amazing opportunity. I will be forever grateful for all you do for all of the KatyCat fam jam.



    I’m genuinely happy for everybody that had the chance to meet Katy!!!



    I stop by this Thread once a week or so to get some warm and fuzzy vibes! so many great stories.

    Katycats.com youre doing amazing sweety



    All these stories are so exciting!!! Thank you to all those who took the time to post their experiences, love reading them! I hope I have the opportunity to meet Katy one day!



    I just read some of these posts again and I promise I’m okay. I’m not emo or anything.



    Reading these stories makes me feel SO happy… ❤️ I hope I can tell my story one day!



    Reading these stories makes me feel SO happy… ❤️ I hope I can tell my story one day!


    Sarah Kaminsky

    January 14th, 2018. My 18th birthday and the best night I’ve ever had.

    I was lucky enough to have my mom get me the tickets to the Dallas show, because that show was on my 18th birthday. The week before the concert, my close friend that was coming called me to tell me that she had won the KatyCats M&G! My close friend, my mom, and I flew out to Dallas on Friday, and we spent Saturday and Sunday morning getting ready for the concert. I turned 18 on Sunday, so we went out beforehand and I got my nose pierced, which was an interesting experience.
    When we got to the concert, we were given our wristbands and told where to meet. When the time finally came, we lined up and headed down to the room. Everything was so nicely decorated and there was candy all over this table. The decor was so interesting, and all of the people who were lucky enough to have won were being so kind to each other. I was wearing this cute little tiara that had an 18 on it, so everyone knew it was my birthday. At one point, while we were waiting for Katy, someone asked if it were anyone’s 18th birthday. I raised my hand, and then most of the room sang happy birthday to me. It was so sweet!
    Finally, Katy came out wearing that new silver hoodie and knee high boots, and the room gasped. She looked flawless. She yelled “I’M LATE!” and everyone laughed. There were about 20 people who went before the KatyCats, and before I knew it, my friend was going up to talk to her. Their talk went quickly, and suddenly, Katy had turned to face me and was walking up to me.
    She said “Hi, I’m Katy.” and I shook her hand and said “I’m Sarah.” As she pulled me into the light she saw my tiara, and asked if today were my 18th birthday. I said yes, and then this huge smile grew across her face. “Well, go buy a pack of cigarettes and watch some porn!” She shouted, and everyone laughed. I said “Maybe later.” and then she looked at everyone in the room and said “What else are you going to do?” and shrugged jokingly.

    *we then talked about some very serious stuff that I don’t really want to share in public like this, but know that Katy was so kind and very interested in what I was saying and my path in life. We talked for over 2 minutes, and could’ve kept going, but there were others in line behind me. The next excerpt comes right after Katy has hugged me twice, held my hands, and high-fived me.*

    Then, one of the twins said “Do you want me to take the picture or Katy?” and I said “Let’s do a selfie.” Katy took my phone and I had one picture with my tiara on and then I said “Can we take one with the tiara off?” And she said “Sure, it’s your birthday.” And so we took two more. Then she looked me in the eyes and said “Happy birthday.” and I held her hands and said “I love you.” And she smiled very widely and looked me back in the eyes and said “I love you too.”
    I cried the second we left that room because I felt so loved and appreciated. Katy is truly such a kind and caring woman, and she showed that so much in this experience.
    When I thought the night couldn’t get any better, it did. After Katy sang Wide Awake, she started talking to the audience and said “I’ve really been inspired by you. I get to meet some of you and hear your stories of strength and survival and empathy. I met some people tonight who told me their stories and I’m so proud of your growth.” It truly felt like she was talking about me due to what we had talked about earlier.
    Like… I LOVE KATY PERRY!!!!!!!
    To KPF, and Katy’s team, and of course, Katy, thank you for the most magical birthday ever. You are all wonderful people, and I am so grateful to be a KatyCat with all of these other amazing people.

    *I’m not sure how to posts pictures so check out my profile here or my twitter to see some. My twitter is @slarkaminsky. Sorry about that :P*



    Hi guys!

    First of all I would like to THANK Lauren, Flor & Ingie for giving me the best present and opportunity in my life, I have never ever won a contest or anything before! Guys seriously you are Angels to all of us!

    Here is my M&G story: My sister lives in San Antonio,TX and I wanted her to go to a Katy´s Concert because she has never been in one before and she asked me to (I already too my younger sister to the Prismatic tour so I guess it was her time now), on may I bought the tickets online and I was spending Christmas holidays in Sacramento,CA when the email arrived, I was literally jumping like a frog, I woke up everybody in the house, I felt like I was 5 years old having her Christmas present.
    Days before the concert I was really busy at work so I couldn´t event think what i was going to say to Katy or what I will give to her, I bought to animal print jackets and glued Witness Sisters silver letters on the back and the Witness Eye in the middle, and put some patches (left shark on the left arm and a tiger on the right arm) also bought a cowboy hat and glued the witness eye on it (I don´t know how to upload pics here guys sorry).

    Anyways I drove a day before the concert (it was a 10 hours drive) listening to all Katy´s Albums, we listened chained to the rhythm more times because my mom loves it. The day of the concert (Wed Jan 10th) I woke up really excited but nervous at the same time, I did a mental speech of what I will say to her.

    We arrived the AT&T Arena around 7pm, we got our wristbands and waited, meanwhile we started talking with some people from the Boys and Girls CLub and some other Katycats; then the twins arrived (they are really nice and cool) and we followed them, we got into this awesome place and it was decorated with katy frames, they had candy there and flamingo´s glasses, a sofa with lips shape. We started to talking with the Katycats and that was the second best thing about this M&G because I met Jessica, Kristy, Ronny, Linda (linda morta), Scotty and Johnatan, they are really awesome people! We were singing songs and Kristy and Ronny brought a cowboy hat decoraded which Katy used in the concert!

    So Katy arrived and everybody was watching her and taking pictures, she was so funny and I just froze, I had to sit because my legs felt weak, I couldn´t believe I was in the same room as Katy! So we Katycats were the last ones to meet her so I went first, when she looked at me my brain went blank, I wanted to tell her so many things, the way she inspired me and made me realize I´m worth it and I can accomplish of my goals and helped me to get thru difficult times by her music, instead she was the first one to talk:

    -Hi what´s your name? -Magda I said, -Nice to meet you Magda- and she shook my hand (I even saw her Superbowl tattoo!) I give her some mexican spicy and sweet candies she said -Those are my favorites- and she showed Tamra the candies. I felt like I was hypnotized (her eyes are amazing!) then I give her a book (which is odd I know but I like to read and I thought she may like it) I told her I saw a post she made on Instagram about a book (later I checked carefully and I think it was a budist quote, my bad :p)

    Then the twin (I think was Thomas) asked me if I wanted a selfie and I said Yes, then Katy grabbed my cellphone (She took the picture!!!!) I was shaking and said -I´m sorry, I´m really nervous-. Then I asked her for a hug and she said -of course-. My mind wanted to say something else but my mouth couldn´t speak, I´m an introvert person and english is my second language so I just paralized and said Thank you! Then was my sister´s time and she also took a selfie, then she asked Katy if we both could take a pic with her and she agreed.

    Words can´t decribe this wonderful experience, I have read all the M&G posts here a all I can say is that Katy is AMAZING, genuine and funny,she truly dedicate time to her fans, she is so humble and loving,kind and I love her so much!!! She is a person who truly inspires people and that´s how I met my idol!!!

    Of course the concert was awesome! and I couldn´t sleep that night, the adrenaline on my body was 200% I have not feel this happiness in sucha long time, and to all Katycats in the world, just be patient and remember: Dreams do come True!

    P.S. Katycats I don´t know if you know but Lauren is getting married on Feb 24th and I think if would be nice if we can give her back something for all the hard work she has done and to help us to meet Katy by the M&G,she has a wedding registry on Target, here is the link https://www.target.com/gift-registry/giftgiver?registryId=bf61ab96fd7c4852a2be2247753ba77b&type=WEDDING If you can´t then maybe sending goof vibes and congratulate her on her weeding day will be cool too.

    P.S.2 I don´t know how to post the pictures here but my instagram is @dentistgirl86



    After following Katy on this tour since October, and making stops in Chicago, LA, and Cleveland… I was finally able to meet her last Friday at my 6th show in my hometown of Phoenix. This was my second time meeting her and both times have been through KPF so I love them and owe them my life etc.

    We were listening to Carly’s set from backstage, and it was over before we were even moved to the m&g room so we knew m&gs were running a little bit behind. The twins went over the rules with us, lined us up, and told us Katy would already be in the room when we walked in. BGCA and KatyCats walked in together, as I’m sure everyone knows they’re the last groups. We were the only groups in there, and I remember people saying the room was small, but it was still way smaller than I imagined it. The moment we walked in I lost all train of thought, forgot the English language, and was almost ready to drop dead. She was going through the line extremely fast and before I could even get my life together I was already next. I was recording my friend Bri, and Katy started walking towards me right after they finished taking pictures and I was so unprepared. You can literally hear me say, “I’m scared” as she’s walking up to me. She casually walks up to me with her hand on her hip and goes, “Hey queen!” Before I could even get words out she’s in my face saying, “if I catch you doing the Dark Horse choreography again, I’m going to make you do the dance moves on stage.” and my jaw DROPPED. I couldn’t believe she had recognized me from previous shows and tried to call me out for being stupid. 🤪 I said, “Can you please? I would love that.”

    We walked over to the backdrop and she says, “Tell me your name again.” Before my brain even tells me what my name was she looks at my ‘eye am’ sticker and goes, “Raven, yes.” Then she asks me what’s in my book that I was carrying, and suddenly I had no idea what was in the book that I spent several weeks making. “Umm it has my letter…” and then she says, “OH can you do me a favor?” *yes queen* “cause you probably have some contact with the KatyCats… can you tell them that I’m reading the letters but in a delayed process, but if they give me a letter can they put a picture of themselves in the letter? Cause sometimes a couple weeks pass and it’ll give me a better understanding on who I’m reading.” I told her okay and tweeted her demands as soon as I got out of the room. I was shaking SO bad when she was talking to me I couldn’t even look her in the eye. It felt like a dream. I then asked her if we could take selfies and she goes “yeah” and starts looking through my book. She sees a picture in it of my 4728842 CDs of hers that I have and goes “yaasss” she asked me how long it took me to make that I said I started it in November but since I work so much it took me forever to finish. Then she asked me where I worked and I told her and she says yas again. Then we took our selfies, she took 4 and she did 3 different poses. After she took them she gave me my phone and I told her thank you so much. She held her arms out for a hug and I was so thankful cause I’ve wanted a hug for so long but I know I would’ve forgot if she hadn’t initiated it. She then asked me which other KatyCats were there and I just told her whoever came to mind that wasn’t already in the m&g room obviously. I told her Regan was there and she says, “ooo Regan. Does she have a look?” I said “yes you have to see it!!” and that concluded the end of my turn.

    I had been so stressed and hung up on what I was going to say to her and it turns out she ended up doing most of the talking. I have been a KatyCat since 2010 so it felt surreal to have her finally acknowledge my existence in such an unexpected way. There were a lot of things I wanted to say to her, but everything I’ve ever wanted her to know is in my letter that she will hopefully read, so that gives me a peace of mind. Thank you KPF for making this possible, but just for me but for so many others. It’s been 5 days and I still haven’t come down for that high. Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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