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    Too many feelings. I’m so happy for you. Katy is such a sweetheart.



    HI okay so here it goes …

    Kristen won a M&G for Tacoma (my home show) and was amazing enough to ask me to bed her plus one. After a 7 hour road trip with 3 other KatyCats and an amazing show in Portland I headed to the airbnb where I got to meet Kristen (and many other KCs) for the first time. We anxiously got ready and headed to the arena. While picking up our wristbands at will call we ran into Ty and took some selfies and spent the next half hour trying to figure out which of the 3 union stations we were supposed to meet the twins at. Once we found the right one we all waited as patiently as we could. The twins were super amazing and so so kind with all of us as they checked us in and took us back to the lounge. We all took turns getting our pictures on the lips couch and we rapped along to Swish Swish annoying the business people in the room. After about 40 minutes or so Katy made her way in on a scooter and we all huddled together in line. I was in the middle of saying something to Tina when I looked up and Katy was standing right in front of us at the back of the line. Once we were all paying attention she said “Okay, here’s the deal. I can either rush through 5 minutes with you know, or I can spend 20 minutes with just you guys after the show.” We obviously chose after and she motioned for us to run so that we wouldn’t miss the opening of the show. The show was AMAZING. She noticed all of us Katycats who traveled from near and far right away and interacted with us all night long. Seeing her so close and getting to sing along with all of my friends all while knowing I would be meeting her later was an experience that will never be topped. As soon as the lights came on after Firework we all ran to meet the twins who quickly took us back to the lounge. I went before Kristen and as I walked up to her I thought my heart was going to beat right out of my chest but as soon as she looked me in the eyes I felt calm. We hugged and I told her my name. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to say so I went with telling her that I met my best friend because of her. She smiled and did the hang loose sign asking “What? How? When?” and “Did you meet her online?” I said I did and that she was able to travel from Maine for my graduation and that this summer I was going to Maine for hers. She high five me and then held onto my hand for a minute. I asked her what Megan (my best friend) and I should get as tattoos when I fly down this summer and she asked if we had nicknames for each other or any inside jokes. I told her that we don’t get to spend enough time together to have any real inside jokes and she told me that was had to have an inside joke first and THEN we could get tattoos. As she pulled me in for our picture she continued with “Or like a symbol or…” and then it was time for me to head out so I hugged her and as I did she said “Bye, I love you!” and blew a kiss. I told her I loved her more and then I stepped aside to film Kristen’s M&G for her. I a, still so grateful to KPF and Kristen for the experience and I will cherish it forever.



    i’m so happy and emotional. this made me cry a lot, like, i’m all tears right now… so inspired! waiting for my time, and this dream come true. i’m very happy for you, guys, from the bottom of my little and teenage heart.



    Aww so many great stories. I’m so happy for all the Katycats who already had the chance to meet her. I hope I will have the chance this year.


    Bruno Santos

    i believe!!



    I’d like to read more stories, everyone pls share yours.



    So we got an email that we were meeting katy after the show and I was actually relieved because I’d probably be too tired to panic or be extremely nervous. When the MINDBLOWING show was over, Reneé, Krystel and I were picking confetti and getting water because we were so thirsty and someone from Katy’s crew saw us and told us to follow him for the m&g so we did. AND ALL OF A SUDDEN GUESS WHO WE MET?! THE ONE AND ONLY MARY CHRISTINE SKSNSJSK I WAS FREAKING OUT LIKE WHAT A LEGEND!!! She said hi she was the sweetest ♥️ and then a guy walked past us carrying the pink fluffy flamingo outfit thing aND WE KNEW SHE WAS GONNA WEAR THAT DURING THE M&G so we were basically dead.

    Fast forward we lined up at the back since we were under KC and she entered the room and cleared all the other people at the front of the line (SO QUICKLY LMAO) and it was us the KCs left. (Oh and while in line Tim was filming us and asking us questions sksnsjsj I wonder what that is for) so I was the 3rd KC to meet her and I was highkey panicking because Mellany and Reneé were having such special moments with her and I was just a confused mess 😂 while waiting for my turn she looked at me a couple of times and I was going crazy on the inside dksjsjwj.

    So it was my turn and I walked up to her saying ‘hiii’ and she was like ‘oh my goodness I love this this is the first version of this costume I’ve seen you know that right?’ (I was wearing the b&w outfit with the stripey wings she wore for the SA and Asia leg during the dejavu section) & I said ‘oh ya’ idk what I was thinking and she said ‘congratulations for being the first’ while shaking my hand I was like OOKKAAAY. I told her my name and she was like ‘hi clara nice to meet you’ and she saw the 👁 AM name sticker on my shirt (thank u Kristen) and pointed while saying ‘katy’s pillow! get a life all y’all’ lmao.

    Then I gave her the happiness book I made and told her that because she said in her livestream she couldn’t find happiness so I hoped this book would bring her some since there’s messages from kcs, quotes and even bible verses inside and she’s went ‘AWWW THANK U SO MUCH YOU’RE SO SWEET’

    I had a necklace in a pouch attached to the book too so & she asked me what it was so I told her it’s a necklace that says ‘Katheryn Love Light’ and she wanted to see it. While she was opening it I blurted out ‘sorry it’s kinda cheap so’ and she looked at me and said ‘I LOVE IT! What are you talking about?!’ sjsjsjsn what a queen this made me so happy because I was genuinely hesitant about giving her the necklace since she probably usually wears expensive things HAAA and I didn’t even know if I was meeting her so I got a cheap version. While looking at the necklace she said ‘katheryn love light’ in the cutest voice ever and said ‘thank you I love it you’re adorable’ I ALMOST DIED LOLSKNSS

    She went to put it on the table and when she came back she was like ‘UH THAT’S HILARIOUS’ because I stuck googly eyes on my shoes. So I had to tell her the thank u stuff and I actually brought a script in on a tiny paper sisnsjsns since I’m a nervous forgetful wreck and she was like ‘no it’s ok’ so I thanked her for being authentic and genuinely caring so much for us & we really appreciate her a lot etc and she’s like ‘awwww I love u I love u of course I see u and I love u’ while hugging me real tight and ISNSKSJSOSKSKS BYE.

    I took out my phone for the selfie after and when she saw my lock screen she was like ‘11:11 make a wish’ because the time was 11:11 and I completely ignored her sksjsj because I was trying to show her my lock screen with a nugget edit and she’s like ‘MEEEEE’ (or some high pitched sound effect) and she said ‘11:11 make a wiiiissshhhh’ again in the softest cutest voice ever and I just laughed BUT DOES SHE EVEN KNOW THAT MY 11:11 WISH FOR YEARS WAS TO MEET HER AND THE FACT THAT THIS WISH CAME TRUE AT 11:11 ITSELF wow I love the universe 😩✨

    We started taking selfies and she couldn’t click the side button bc it was too hard thanks to my mom’s phone case (my phone’s selfie camera died so) the pics were all blurry but they were Live Photos so it was fine. SOOO I said ‘let’s do a nose crinkle’ and did it at her and she’s like ‘YEAH’ (we all know we love the crinkle she does when she smiles real big but she didn’t do that one) so when we were done she said ‘A NOSE CRINKLE that’s the first one I’ve done! Is that a thing?’ So I was like ‘nooo we’re like obsessed with your nose crinkle’ and she did this crinkle where she scrunched her face up and I was like ‘no when u smile’ AND SHE DID THE SMILING CRINKLE RIGHT IN MY FACE I WAS SCREAMING ON THE INSIDE AND I WAS LIKE ‘AKSJSJSA AAAAWWJWJWJW THATS SO CUTE!!!!!!’ really loudly and enthusiastically and her face was like WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS GIRL EVEN LIKE SHE WAS SO DONE WITH ME IN A GOOD WAY I HOPE SKSJSJ and she said ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about, get a life’ I was laughing so much and her facial reaction was priceless.

    Then I asked another question ‘what’s your favourite ride in Disneyland?’ and she asked which Disneyland and I said any and I said ‘I’ve been tweeting you the question for 2 years and you never responded’ AHAHAHAHA and she’s like ‘ohhh ummm’ while she started stroking the wall snsjsnsns ‘space mountain in Disneyland is reaaallly good’ and I said it was my fav too then she yelled at Tamra asking what the new ride at Disney was called and she said it was the avatar ride and she was telling me the avatar ride was mind blowing and u can ‘quote her on this’ lol and she likes the 4D MOVIE ABOUT FANTASIA in Hong Kong Disney and asked me to go there (yes sis I’ve been there 4 times dnsjsnsn) the whole time she was SOOO INTO THE TOPIC telling me everything with so much passion but at that moment I had no idea what she was saying the past 30 seconds because my mind was blank and I was still shook so I was like ‘ok’ n she’s like ‘ok bye’ and in my head I was like UM NO WE ARE NOT GONNA END THE M&G LIKE THAT so I said ‘love u’ and stretched out my arms to hug her and went off and when I walked off she gave the weirdest face ever like she was so done with me it was hilarious.

    The show earlier was so amazing as well we got so much interactions with her – she saw my nugget sign, she pointed at our matching outfits, she asked us to SHHHHH when we were yelling silencio, she threw her bottle of juice at us because we were thirsty and she sang firework into my eyes for like 5 seconds 😩♥️

    Thank u sooooo much KPF & KP for this experience, it was something I never ever dreamt would happen in my lifetime & everything was just perfect. It’s something I’m never going to forget 😭💗

    keti & the book



    It’s been a week since I met Katy, still it feels unreal to me.
    I didn’t win the Katycat contest at first, imagine the disappointment. But they said someone couldn’t make it so they would pick another winner, and at 2 a.m. in the morning I got the E-mail! I didn’t sleep until 4 that night.
    I live in Shanghai and flew to Taiwan for the concert on April 4th. By the time we got to the venue, we got an E-mail said the M&G would be after the show. I immediately had a feeling she’s gonna wear the blue/white chi-pao for Firework and the M&G as she did in her Hong Kong show. And I was right.
    The show was great of course, to me it’s better than the Prismatic tour.

    Cut to the M&G part, I was so nervous and couldn’t remember anything I prepared to say.
    My friend was the one in front of me, and he told her in China fans call her Fruit Sister (Shui Guo Jie). I got excited and shouted to her ‘Shui Guo Jie’, she repeated after me. It was so cute I almost died!!!
    When it’s my turn I walked up to her, She hold my hand and asked my name. I said ‘Hi Katy! OMG, is the real life? Can I hug you?’
    She gave me a big hug, then I told her my name, told her I’m from Shanghai. I got her a gift from Shanghai Disneyland cause I know she loves Disney. The gift was a Minnie Mouse doll wearing a Chinese outfit. Katy said ‘oh~~~~it’s so cute’ and made the funniest face and we took pics with the Minnie Mouse.
    She signed my tour book and we took more pics.
    Something funny happened after that when she realized one of her crew was eating a bag of snack(something like Bugles or Doritos), she said she’s hungry, grabbed it and shared with everyone in the room.
    She was so not the Hollywood star style with a fake smile, but really like she’s your true friend. She could have charge $1000 or more for the M&G and just took a 2-second pic, but instead the M&Gs are totally free and everyone gets to chat with her for at least 2-3 mins. For that, I will stan her for the rest of my life!
    By the end of my M&G, I told her many Katycats in mainland China are waiting for her and she said”next time! I love China’, then we hugged one more time after all.

    This just made my lucky year! Thanks to Katycats.com for this opportunity, and here’s the M&G pics.



    Ok this is my review from the first M&G on Mexico City.
    We were notified on monday 30th may! When the forum announced via Twitter that the email were send i was so sad because i didn’t recieved the notificatiobn on my email, 30 minutes later when i was scrolling throught my email, I SAW IT! we have won!
    I get up screaming! even my boyfriend got scared! lol when i started crying he told me that it was amazing that i was going to meet her (he has been there on all the events and by my side trying to make this happen)
    My M&g was on Friday, Leah Reid sent the email at 4:00pm telling us that we have to meet Melissa at 8:30pm on a place of the Arena. We were there, my friend used the superbowl costume and i used the “power” costume, there were a lot of people; sponsor winners, some guest from Katy of the organization that rescue animals here in Mexico, ours the katycats and also a family from a Make a Wish pretty little girl.
    Melissa and the twins were awesome! they invited us to eat candies, to take photos, to enjoy the lounge (THE WITNESS LOUNGE WAS BACK!!!!)
    we started meeting each other! Then 1hr later, the twins gave us the most simple rules for Katy basically, threat her like a human being guys! HAHAHHAHAA
    When she arrived! i still can’t believe it! she was right there! She started with the sponsors and guestest, then katycats.
    i was the 4th of the katycats to meet her! i was so scared to hug her! she was so real! ( sorry people i still can’t believe it!)
    she hugged me so kind! read my sticker (THANK YOU KRISTEN!) she introduced herself and started asking me for my costume!
    how long did it take to make it! that she love it! also asked me for my nails (i thought she believe that i had an witness theme on them, sorry the disappointment Katy) then i gave her some gifts. A little flute with a jaguar form! also some katycats letters incluiding mine because i knew i was going to miss telling her how much i love her and how much her music had helped me with my depression and anxiety for all over the years! and a little game that is call “tablitas mexicanas” SHE PLAYED WITH THEM CUZ I COULDN’T GUYS!
    then i tell that i love her! she gave me another big hug! and thanked me for the gifts!
    Then we took the photograph! *at this point! i have to tell you guys I THOUGHT i was grabbing her hip! if some of you are asking why im grabbing somewhere else, i didn’t released till i saw the picture*

    And thats it! then we wait for the other KatyCats, The twins told us we could stay recording the other m&gs without problem…

    I’m so grateful for this oportunity KPF! thank you so much! thank you katy’s team! FOR ME that 2mins taking to the person that makes me smile almost everyday, that she cared so much to listen was i have to say! for the hugs! for turn this on an amazing experience not just a photograph. Even if we couldn’t take that picture, just taking to her was amazing enough!



    to read everyones stories is still one of my fav things 🙂



    I can’t believe I actually can post a story here!


    I met Katy in Paris on 30th May! Yael took me as her plus one and I’m so grateful!

    Okay so first we got into the meet and greet room, absolutely stressed out and anxious because we thought we were going to be late! We actually arrived really early. We looked around the lounge and took some lollipops haha and took some photos on the lips sofa!

    Katy arrived quite late (Latey Perry) and we were at the back of the queue because we were Katycat winners!

    When it was my turn, I went over to Katy and she called me a mermaid and played with my hair! She said hi how are you and I said how are you to her but I don’t know if she replied because I was too shook!! She then said she liked my eyeshadow, and told me to close my eyes so she could have a look! I did ofc. I then said to her ‘I tried to copy yours but it didn’t turn out as good as yours’ and she said ‘ahh it’s just a different interpretation!’

    I said to her that I couldn’t believe she was in front of me and that I’d planned stuff to say but forgot everything(even tho I’d written it down) because she’s just so 💟💟💟

    She played with my hair again and said she liked my costume. She also said she said she saw me at the first Paris show and saw me singing to into me you see in Amsterdam on Sunday. I said to her that itmys was my favourite and I was pleased she was singing it on tour, then she held me and said thank you!

    We took 7 (s e v e n 😭) silly face selfies and she was like ‘now let’s take a pretty one’ hahaha

    I told her I’d written her a letter and described the notebook and then she said she loves me and I said it back to her. Then we hugged again and that was it! Amazing. The show was amazing bc I was just so happy!!!



    I met katy on May 24 in Antwerp, this meeting, I dreamed for years, katy came into the room and she was surprised by my dress . I thought she did not like my outfit. I was the first
    Katycat to talk to her, I lost my words. Luckily, my best friend filmed me, Katy smiled at me and said she thought I was so pretty , she said she liked my tattoo (a cat on my foot). I was shaking so much that she took my phone to take pictures. I found her so kind, so beautiful and so impressive. everything happened very quickly, she then took the pictures, I told her that I had brought her some gifts and a letter, she thanked me. I had so much to say to her but I was so stuck, I managed to tell her the most important thing, that I loved her and that I was proud of her. I am very happy to have met him and now I dream to see her again 😍. thanks again to the good fairies, thank you, my dream has come true.❤. I will never forget this day . Proud to be Katycat. Émilie ❤



    Issa story time.

    I got to meet Katy on June 8th! which was also my 20th birthday ayeee (tho i didn’t tell her lmao). When I found out that I won, my heart dropped out of my ass. I always joked about wanting to have a M&G with Katy for my birthday when my friends ask me what I wanted, and that became reality this year. Shout out to u girls from KPF for giving me what I want. Fast forward to the DAY. All the winners were told to gather at a location where they then would come and collect us to go to the M&G lounge. While waiting for Melissa to come and collect us, we all were just joking around and being excited to meet KP. (Also we were shook bc Aqua was next to us, aka the woman and man who sings Barbie girl #childhood).So when we got in it took about 30-40 min ish before she came inside. (In the meantime i tripped twice over the carpet, got some candy and I almost broke the fan). I was second last of everyone, but that was really cool bc I got see everyone elses moment with her and that made me really calm when it was my turn. So when it was my turn finally, I went up to her and gave her a hug and she was saying my name over and over till it was correct. She grabbed my hands to look at my nails and then a sec later my hair to look at it. I asked her about how Europe was treating her and what she has been doing this tour, since last tour was all museums etc. She answered with bicycles. I said that I saw her bicycling in Amsterdam on her IG (also wanted to say that I was surprise that she didn’t get run over bc if u ever had been into amsterdam, u know how crazy it is there. but i forgot to say that) and she said I bicycled here too (in Copenhagen to the venue). We then took selfies and had to say goodbye bc she was running late. Before she left I thank her for allowing me to grow with her and then she pinched and then left the room.

    I am so so thankful I got to have a moment with her and actually got to talk to her. She is honestly the most down to earth person ever and I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend my birthday with her and also the people I went to the show with.

    Thank you so so much KPF for this opportunity!!

    (I wanna include the pictures but I have no idea how sos someone let me know pls, im stupid)



    2 Weeks ago in Brisbane, oh what a night!
    I got to thank Katy in person for “power” this song means so much to mean and came at a time in my life where i really needed it the most, as i was explaining to her why i started to tear up, so she pulled me in for a massive hug, she is a total babe and is so so good to her Katy Cats.

    Beyond grateful to you hardworking ladies for these opportunity’s, the Witness era really was an amazing time for connection!

    Me and KP



    I love reading these, finally found one from my show in Omaha on November 28. Thanks so much @lindseykatycat for posting.❤

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