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    Many of us have grown up with katy in our lives. Post pictures from over the years at katy events: from meeting katy, to seeing her on tour. Start with your oldest picture and end with your most current! If you do not have a recent picture at a katy event, post a recent selfie.



    Love this Thread idea!

    I was Blessed enough to win a KPF M&G during the CDT in Brisbane May 2011, it was the first time i had met KP, i remember she as ill so we met her after the show, she stayed up and made sure to meet each and everyone of us, even though at this point it was 1am. she honestly goes above and beyond for her KCs

    and then this is us in July 2017 she stopped to say hi at Universal records in Sydney.

    My first photo always makes me laugh cause i look so awkward and star struck. ha ha



    Well I went to the launch of Purr here in Mexico City (i only shake her hand u_u cuz I freezed and didn’t ask for a pic)

    Then to the CDT, i was blessed to be picked at “SBTLM” and got a blurry selfie 😀

    Then i went to Chicago to see her on de PWT 🙂

    And of course the PWT in Mexico

    Now me… waiting for the WWT dates in Mexico:



    KP has been a constant in my life!

    The first time I saw her was at CDT in 2011. Fast forward 6 years and I’ve seen her 13 times and met her four times! (And collected almost everything available to own lmao)

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