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    How I start? The most people know me as a funny and crazy person, nobody knows what I always hide behind my smile. In 2012 I start as a Katy Perry Tribute on a Theater. It was always my dream to have an own number and don’t be always a backupdancer. I worked for this since many years (I start with show in 2010) and was so happy to get my own main number with backupdancer, to be for some minutes in point of view. But the work at stage is hard and most time you don’t have really friends backstage. So I have a hard time, because the most people don’t like my succsess. My Katy was new, fresh and modern and the audience love it. It was the favorite number of many guests. But this makes other people jealous and they start with bullying. I tryed to ignore all this stupid things, to use all the positve power I got durring I perform as Katy to stay happy. Because performing as Katy and her songs makes me so much fun and I love to see the sparkilng eyes of the audience. That all gave me the power to stay strong. But then happend many things also, that makes me more and more impossible to stay strong. And two years ago I start to felt in depression and suicidal thoughts. And it become more worst durring the years. The last half year I only slept less than five hours per day or I didn’t slept, because my brain didn’t stop thinking. I felt not needed and useless and on my free days I was laying in my bed and crying. Katys songs and the oppinion to impersonate her on stage was the only thing that keep me alive. But in this May (after a worst bullying) my body give up. I had gone to a doctor and he told me to stop with my work before more worst happend. I got pills for sleeping and had to visit a psychologist. Till today. I didn’t work for months and I miss my Katy and to perform. But I still haven’t the strength going back on stage daily. And no work means no money, no new costumes, no chance to do new stuff. And that makes me so sad. But I try to give not up, even if it’s hard. But to know, to come back one day on stage as Katy (hopefully next year) give me a goal to work for. So I hear daily the music, watch a lot of videos and performances of her, making new plans and collecting ideas. I’m still figthing with myself, my thougths and many other things. But I hope there will be a little light to find back to my old me. And there are a lot of Songs from Katy that give me power, helps me when I’m crying or feeling lonely. So she’s always in my near, even if she’s more close to me when I perform as her on stage. And one day I’ll be back! I have to be back! Because I worked so hard for all that!



    And one day U will be back LIKE A WOMAN REBORN HONEY!! Love u!



    I’m a big mess with various MH issues and a history of SH and honestly having KP and her music is a blessing.

    She has helped me in so many ways and I’m so grateful. Plus if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t know my two bffs.



    So I started liking Katy and GaGa at the same time when I was 16-years-old. The way they conducted themselves was so genuine and honest. They radiated confidence. I loved that. I, like many others, was bullied throughout grade school. For a long time I had very bad confidence, but when I became a KatyCat and Little Monster, I learned to stop caring what other people thought about me and how to be confident. Of course, this confidence wasn’t perfect, and there were challenges much worse than high school bullies that I had to go through to actually love myself.

    The next huge thing that Katy helped with with, which was even more impactful to me, was with PRISM. I don’t know if I have to give a trigger warning for this or something but it’s a very personal story to me. Don’t read it if reading about abuse bothers you. Between 2012 and 2016 I was in an abusive relationship. The abuse ranged from verbal, mental, emotional, to even physical abuse. Actually, the occasional physical abuse was the least of my problems. I was called a slut or a whore or some variation of that many times almost every single day. My boyfriend/fiancé slut-shamed me so much, you would think I cheated on him or something. No, never, not once. I would never do that to anyone. He slut-shamed me because I had had previous relationships. He was so jealous of the past and unable to move on so he shamed me every day no matter how much I told him I was sorry and I regretted my past. He also called me fat and ugly and insulted everything I like (movies, music, etc.) He always played his music and never let me listen to mine when we were together. It was a long distance relationship, so when GaGa post-poned her Vancouver date, it happened to be moved to a date when I was in Boston visiting him. I had to return my Little Monster Zone ticket to the artRAVE, because when I asked him about coming on a later date, he pulled the, “Oh, you’re picking Lady GaGa over me?” card. When I went, I wanted to at least listen to her music on the date I was supposed to be seeing her. He didn’t even allow me to do that. That might seem like a small thing compared to what I’m about to say next, but it really hurt as it was a big deal and important to me. He loved music as well, so I would think he would understand. There were several times he held me to the ground and choked me and I was certain I was going to die. One time he threw me against a wall and caused my legs to get cut and bleed. I had a lot of psychological trauma from this relationship. There were many times I wanted to die and he didn’t even care. He laughed when I would cut myself. I drank Lysol one time and he told me he hoped I would die. He also cheated on me with 11 different girls, including my “best friend” at the time. All this because I had been in relationships before, and that’s just a few examples. Anyway, we had been together for about a year and a half (and were already engaged, not all these specific events had happened yet, but similar things) by the time PRISM came out.

    Safe to read: PRISM had a LOT of important songs to me: Unconditionally, Ghost, Love Me, This Moment, Double Rainbow, By the Grace of God, It Takes Two, and Choose Your Battles. I’ll share some lyrics and what they meant for me.

    “Acceptance is the key to be / To be truly free / Will you do the same for me?”

    I accepted him mistake after mistake and all I wanted was for him to accept me despite my past. I knew I would feel free if he could ever do that for me.

    “You sent a text / It’s like the wind changed your mind / We were best friends / Yeah, we were building our life”

    He would say sorry and promise not to abuse me again and randomly he would send me angry and abusive texts. Before we started dating, we had been friends for a couple months and we got along so well. I always clung to that feeling.

    For Love Me, the whole song applies. I didn’t love myself. How can someone else love me if I don’t love myself first? This is something my parents always told me, but hearing it from Katy through her music made me listen.

    Again for This Moment, the whole song is relevant. Don’t look at my past, focus on this moment. Just because I’ve been with other people before doesn’t mean I don’t love you and only want to be with you right now.

    “They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

    He literally would call me trash, but this line reminded me that someone out there might be able to love me.

    By the Grace of God is also a pretty obvious one. Katy was hurt and heartbroken and she struggled with suicide but she decided to stay. I’ve cried on the bathroom floor wanting to die many times, but I wanted to decide to stay too.

    “It takes two / Two sides to every story / Not just me / You can’t keep ignoring / But let me be first, baby, to say “I’m sorry””

    I always said sorry but I never got one back. The song teaches me that what was happening to me wasn’t only my fault.

    All of Choose Your Battles is relevant. Why are you fighting me when we are supposed to be a team? I felt like I was walking on eggshells with what I could do or say. Anything could trigger his abusive ways.

    Those are some specific examples of how the songs of PRISM helped me, the but tour helped me as well. When Katy pointed me out from the crowd to take a selfie, she called me brave and bold for having a sign saying, “Let’s take a selfie.” Her saying that and even just talking to me boosted my confidence when I needed it more than I did in high school. That was around halfway through 2014. It took me two more years to leave him, because for a long time I was more scared of being alone than I was of being hurt. Katy, however, was actually a huge stepping stone for me to finally accept that I needed to leave and choose my wellbeing, as lonely as it felt, in order to love myself. I’m 24-years-old now, and I finally have true confidence and I love myself. Thank you Katy for that, and thank you for staying, because I needed you too.

    P.S. If anyone is in a similar situation, I shared this story on a very personal level so you will know you are not alone. Please feel free to message me if you need any advice on getting out of something bad.

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