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    I have the Miranda in Silver. I got them in time to wear to Katy’s Concert, they were lit 😉. I wish the shoes came in wide as well. I found these shoes to be a half size off (too big) so I had to exchange my original order.



    I got the Mirandas in pink!!! They have been at my house for a week but I just got back home for the weekend from school, so I finally got them! I was super impressed because they only took like 4 days to ship and I got the free 5-7 day shipping! If you wanna see more pictures and a video of them glowing, check out my twitter: katysrightfoot!!



    they are 50% off right now and I ended up buying four more pairs. One of them was a gift! I am done (until the Spring Collection) 😉



    I’m still waiting…. #Brazil



    I hope Katy once release a collection for boys 😅



    I really really love almost all the shoes!
    But since I’m only a US size 3, my proposed idea is to have a line for those of us with petite feet. I even came up with naming it the Kitten Kollection or some variation of that if another company is using it already. They don’t have to be completely different styles (just lower heel height really). I just find it difficult as an adult, who wears kids shoes all the time (not that I’m complaining – they do have cool stuff sometimes), to find cool shoes like these that I seriously love, in my size.



    Hey guys!! Being in the UK sucks for trying to get the shoes, but I just managed to get the Lorna slipper and the midnight slipper (glow in the dark ones!!) for a combined price of £50!! So I really recommend checking out Amazon!! It depends on the size shoes you want but I’ve been swooning over them forever and am so happy to finally get them!



    I just ordered my first pair, the mabel’s! I’d been waiting for them to go on sale since discount codes don’t work internationally. I’m so excited to get them, I really want the glow in the dark kitty ones too.



    I just got my 3rd pair the sandals with the little stars and moons dangling!!!!!!!



    Here’s some of my *very rough* drawings I thought I’d share (of which I’ve just realised are all boots🙄😹):

    One has a cassette tape as the ‘buckle.’ They could be short or long, but I think white works best as the base colour, so the tape pops.

    Two is a white collared shirt design. I thought they’d be better for winter, but who knows?

    Three is clear-ish gummy looking (pearlescent) with white stars on it.

    Last is my Wonder Woman inspired. So instead they could be World-Wide-Witness. The royal-red part is textured to be bubbly and where the W’s were all shiny gold, instead could be white-blue-white (like the eyeball) or blue-purple-white…



    @tinathediva i love those shoes! I have the rose gold pair, and get so many compliments!

    I just got the left shark flats and I am so obsessed. Ever since she dropped the sneak peek of the heel I have been stalking the page and praying for a flat. they are SO comfortable!



    I have the pink Mirandas and just got the strawberry Geli’s! I live in Utah where it suddenly decided to be winter and dump snow, so I guess I’m going to have to wait a few more months to wear both. I love how much personality all of the shoes have!



    Can’t wait until they come to Myer in Australia so I will actually be able to buy them!



    I recently ordered one pair, im waiting 😀



    I’ve got the gold Lena’s for Glasgow in June 😍. Really wanted them in white but they were gone. Lobe the raina boots. Trying to decide if I get them and take the hit on customs eek x

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