Some of the places you heard Katy Perry's music in public

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    This thread was in the Katy Perry Forum. I think it is good to bring it back and I would like to roll out the red carpet with not one, but two different tracks in the same mall.

    Feels by Calvin Harris ft Big Sean, Pharell Williams and Katy Perry at The Bay. It was at the makeup section (I think if you seen how she wore a $226,800 collar), probably suits the theme right. Knowing The Bay does sell some high end products. Though, the flagship store at the Cadillac Fairview Eaton Centre in Toronto is way bigger than my local one.

    Save As Draft once I left The Bay and headed into Shoppers Drug Mart. Though probably not smart to sit in front while the song finishes playing.

    I have heard Save As Draft at the same mall before. I won’t disclose which one because of privacy reasons.

    Where did you hear Katy Perry’s songs while you were out? Especially when some people like myself do have those urges to post it on social media.


    I heard Chained to the Rhythm at a sports bar last month. First time I noticed any song from Witness being played in public



    I have heard Chained To The Rhythm when I was out in public.

    Did hear Rise once at Shoppers Drug Mart. Some of the stores found out if they played a Katy Perry single, I will stay until the end. Maybe buy something.



    Feels last week in Bershka shop haha



    Here in France you can here Feels all day long on the 2 biggest hit radios. Every car drive i’ll take i’m sure to hear it at least one time 😀
    Otherwise, Chained to the Rhythm is played a lot too, I’ll often hear it at the grocery store near my place (which makes me smile everytime, especially thinking that grocery shop is THE place where people are tumbling around like a wasted zombie 😉 )



    In my grandma’s birthday party


    Sarah Flowers

    First time I heard (saw ) Bon Appetit MV in public was at the caffe, and two guys were talking about is that KP?, what happened?, and shalala and I just looked at them just like this 😤



    Here in Germany I heard TOTGA in supermarket and a thousand times I heard Bon appetit, Chained to the Rhythm, Feels and Swish Swish on radio when I was at work. OMG I love that



    I heard Feels in the movie theatre



    I remember going to Claire’s and listening to a lot of songs of prism ♥
    Now I listen to her on pubs, restaurants, some parties…



    Unconditionally was on at Co-Op.



    dark horse in cinema last week & primark was hot n cold 🙂


    Went to Walmart and heard Roar



    At restaurants, stores, on the radio, at the beach, at airports, literally everywhere. But the most surprising time was when I heard Tsunami at my local grocery store



    Literally whenever I go to the Ikea, they’re playing her songs for some reason. Must bc they know I was coming lmao

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