What Would You Do If Katy…?

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    When I say timeless…trust me, it never gets old!! Simply put, we all take turns sharing what we would do if Katy does something, starts something, makes something, etc. (whatever situation you’d like to get a good response from!) If you answer the question, you have to ask it again with another situation. Off we go with question numero uno! 👍🏿

    What would you do if Katy delivers pizza to your house?



    I would take my pizza, ask her for picture and if she wants a piece of the pizza 🤔😅

    What would you do if Katy stop her music career?



    OMG! I remember playing this. The things we came up with 😄

    Ok, back on topic…

    I’d still support her in whatever she decided to do.

    What would you do if Katy decided to become a chef?



    I’d ask her to make me a vegan dish. Whipped cream, no dairy.

    What would you do if Katy released a death metal album?



    It’s not my type of music, but I’d still give it a listen and – hey – maybe I’ll fall in love with something off it (would probably still go to the concert tho cause Katy puts on a BOP).

    What would you do if Katy showed up as your substitute professor/teacher?



    I’d volunteer to go up and answer questions and would go to ask for extra help even if I didn’t need it.

    What would you do if Katy started working at DisneyLand?


    I’d truly have to start considering a move to California….even though it will be VERY expensive 😆

    What would you do if Katy starred in a superhero movie?



    I’d go watch it 1000 times.

    What would you do if Katy moved to your city/country?


    I’ll have to find a great local restaurant in town for her to visit! And if that fails, there’s always pizzerias galore!!

    What would you do if Katy ran for mayor of your city?



    i would ask her if i she can build a house for Young musician ( i live in a small village and there is nothing where Young People that loves music can go to )
    what would you do if katy stuck next to you in a traffic jam?



    I’d start playing her music and singing along ridiculously with my windows down.

    What would you do if Katy quit the music industry and only released shoes, perfumes, and modelled for CoverGirl?


    Well then it would be time for me to find a KatyCat for a girlfriend so the appreciation doesn’t go to waste!

    What would you do if Katy threw a surprise birthday party for you?



    I would be crying and in shook, then I’d hug her and i’d start talking at her all day

    What would you do if you are in a supermarket and Katy’s next to you?



    I’d try and be calm and not lose it.

    What would you do if Katy asked you to fly with her somewhere?



    i would aks her if i can have a window- seat 😉
    what would you do if katy would cry on your M&G ?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 316 total)

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