What Would You Do If Katy…?

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    I don’t use whatsapp, so I’m gonna use facetime instead.

    What would you do if Katy sent you a message on twitter/instagram?


    I may have to open and close that message 20 times in total awe and belief before I can even start to reply! 😆

    What would you do if Katy wrote you a letter in the mail? (Paper letters; not email!)



    i probably would start crying, and i would Keep it safe, like i can read it in years again and again..:)
    what would you do if katy would be a part of “slepp’n greet”? (its a german tv-show where stars visit fans in the middle of the night, they come to the fan’s home and stay infront of their bed, they reactions are sooooo funny, btw 😀 )



    I’m not German but I’d try and find some link and watch.

    What would you do if Katy released a heavy metal album? (something like Evanescence)



    I would give it a chance.

    What would you do if Katy was on the OC Transpo Route 95 in Ottawa?

    This one actually came from a real situation. I retweeted a tweet referencing Firework (curious fact: I actually listen to it on the 95 in the early morning hours from downtown to Place D’Orleans). 45 minutes later, someone told me they saw a bus out of service along that route that said, “just married” while waiting for the 95.

    Sometimes, ideas come from the most strangest places or the strangest times (the tweet regarding the out of service bus was at 3:09 AM EST).



    TBH I don’t l know what I would do :0
    But that’s great!!

    What would you do if katy would Dupree you at work or in school? (Maybe with the words: “hey, where’s my katycat?” )






    I’d freak out and probably embarass myself

    What would you do if Katy gave you the mic in the middle of a show and she ran off and told you to finish?



    Probably I will be so shocked to say a word

    What would you do if Katy is your teacher?


    Please let her teach my digital electronics class! I need all the prayers to endure that class for the rest of this semester!! (She’d probably let me take my midterm late too so I can go to her concert…unlike the guy teaching me now 😅)

    What would you do if Katy showed up on your next ride on the local bus or train?



    It depends on the senerio… If she was trying to be unseen, I’d probably become overprotective and try to help keep her in hiding. But if she was like attention seeking, I’d probably confess my obsession using some Katycat lingo so she knew I was the real deal compared to the other people who would undoubtedly be trying to get a selfie or autograph.

    WWYD if Katy started her own media streaming service and it only showed what she was watching when she was watching it, but it cost $100 a month?


    Katie Packman

    I would not be paying for it

    WWYD if you found Katy’s twitter password?



    Nothing. (I may or may not be lying 🤷🏻‍♀️)

    What would you do if Katy told you a something that no one knows?


    I’ll be sweating bullets trying to protect it! But I do promise not to tell anyone else…not even if TMZ would convince me for money 👍🏿

    WWYD if Katy pied you in the face by surprise?



    I would peel some off my face an wipe it on her face.. And then run off like she did from Angela.

    What would you do if Katy asked you to moon Donald Trump?

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