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    @katykicksass I know what you mean. Especially when I first posted here, I only posted the links back when I didn’t know how to upload images here. After going through a lot of the teething, I think I have mastered it now.

    Here is one that I tagged you in and not Katy Perry (photo).

    Katy Perry notice (February 14/17)

    This was also my 4th notice and 2nd one that didn’t mention her handle during that time. Katykicksass did lecture me in the Katycats Facebook group on my post because she felt I didn’t know her (we known each other on social media for a very long time).

    Probably one of my best days of this year. Not every day I could pull something like this off.



    She’s noticed me 3x. she liked one of my tweets and retweeted another one, and she just recently liked my photo on instagram



    She never noticed me haha 🙁



    Only once and it took 7 years for it to happen. lmao

    It was just replying with a George Takei Oh My gif when she was announcing CTTR video with his voice over.



    The first time was during ‘rise’ promo and I tweeted her a pic of a real close up of her face with the word triggered on it and she replied saying ‘that nose hole tho’

    (She also faved beks’ tweet of a picture of me freaking out after she tweeted me on the same day lmao)

    The next time was when I tweeted a #bonappetitchallenge video and she rt’d and called me a mermaid (i still can’t believe she watched a video of me pouring water on my head lol 😅)

    She’s faved a couple of my tweets about ticket scalpers and people selling them at a higher price (which was completely unexpected)

    And then the most recent time was when I sent her a tweet about the shooting stars meme being my fav and that I was happy she put it in swish swish and she replied same



    she was shooked about me twerking to bon appetit



    katy noticed my one time!!! :’)



    she hasn’t exactly noticed me but she did put me on her instagram 🙂



    The first time she noticed me on Twitter was when I was at a sleepover party at a friends house and still asleep, so one of my mutuals texted my dad to wake me up and he called my friend to wake me up and I couldn’t stop smiling the whole day😩❤️ She noticed me a few times after that again and most of the times I’ve been asleep when it happened bc damn time zones lmaoo




    I was shook when Katy saw & faved this. I never do videos like this. Only for Katy 🙈



    This one was so unexpected. I think Katy was stalking my tweets. I didn’t even tag her. Stalker trollty 😂😏

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