Katy Has A Plan For The Next Record

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    Katy Perry’s “Witness,” though it sold more than 840,000 albums, according to BuzzAngle, seemed to struggle to find an audience. How did she finish out the year?
    It’s an interesting story. I love her and have forged a great relationship with her. I talk about how engagement is so important and I don’t believe you can have big cycles between projects [as Katy did]. I think that’s changed. And so you sit down and have tough conversations with her and management. As successful as you’ve been, you learn. Personally I’ve learned more from our mistakes than our successes and I believe our artists are in the same category as that. But she has a plan, and we have a plan, and I feel good about it.




    Of course our girl has a plan….I love this album. I am proudly one of the 840,000 purchasers of Witness. Katy is being her authentic self and I hope she continues. People (well some anyway) aren’t willing to let her grow and change. We all metaphorphosize as we grow older and experience life. It happens and we should embrace it. 😊



    I sure hope she does. Witness so far is my all time favorite.



    Eu adoro o Witness! Devo admitir que 2 músicas eu acabo pulando…mas acho difícil para qualquer artista fazer um álbum 100% amado! Prism foi um desses alguns 100%,…mas Witness tem sua magia, ainda que fosse uma única musica boa o que não é o caso já teria valido a pena comprar o álbum

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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