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    I know I’m not the only Katy cat who loves pokemon!

    What are you guys playing? What’s your face game? And fave pokemon?

    On DS I’m currently playing soul silver and sun

    I also play ALOT of Pokemon go

    My fave pokemon is Slyveon but all of the Eevees I love 😍



    I was obsessed with Pokemon Go! I don’t have that much time to play it anymore but I love Charmander haha, Mew and Ponyta (mainly because cute!!)



    Gotta catch them all ! ♡ lol



    I’m sure @ingie will enjoy this topic. I’ve played all my life, Plan A fashion designer, Plan B Pokémon master.



    Im playing pokemon revolution online and pokelife!! My fav pokemon is Growlithe ♡



    Sonia – I’m Obsessed with pokemon go lol I just hit level 35 the grind is outrageous!!

    Did you manage to snag all the legendary birds while they were out? Xx



    tbt my pokémon fights with @ingie where I always lost </3



    Can we just talk about how cute Phanpy is



    I adore Phanpy he’s adorable I also really love Mimikyu, but at the same time he creaps me out cause I don’t know where his eyes are



    I love Pokemon. I am playing Pokemon Go and on the grind to lvl 33, only 250k to go!!!



    I never got super big into Pokemon Go. XD But, I love me those Classic Pokemon games and have just about every one for the DS+.



    @katrina perfect time to level up with the 3 times XP for registering new Pokemon in the event!

    I’m going to tell you a pokemon go story because no one in my real world plays so they can’t understand the epic-ness lol

    OK so I did a Tyranitar raid the other day with about 14 others, I was on my last ball and everyone was watching cause I was the last one catching and I threw a crap AF throw But then I got a critical capture on it! And everyone went wild and it was the best day of my pokemon go life ROFL he was 90%iv



    @kyleejoys I forgot! So that will be six times with a lucky egg? I have a load of evolves waiting for the next double xp event but that would be better I think?

    Lmao that’s so cool!! Every tyranitar raid I’ve done he’s ran 😅 Luckily I hatched a couple of larvitars and had enough candy to evolve!



    The Legendary Dogs migrated in Pokemon go! Australia just got Raikou, i got my first one in a raid today yay!

    Hows everyone else going on teh po-go legendary grind?

    Does anyone Play DS? Siver and gold were recently released to game store, im currently playing through soul silver and i love it.


    Lilithia ♡

    I love Pokemon so much, I’ve competed in the Nationals and Regionals Tournaments here in Australia. I’m not the best competitively, but hey, it’s fun. I love meeting like-minded people and sometimes they have awesome freebies like special event only Pokemon downloadable on location only.

    And one time I got a special pin and shiny Mewtwo for competing, so that’s pretty good too. I am a gamer girl and I am super excited to attend PAX Australia later this month. The first time I got to PAX, it was sold out but I won a pass to attend the convention through playing competitive Pokemon, so yeah, Pokemon has its perks!

    I also went to the Pokemon Symphonic concert the other year. It was so cool hearing the Pokemon video game music with the symphony orchestra!

    My favourite Pokemon game of all time is Gold and Silver. You recently could download the original on your Nintendo 3DS via virtual console, so I’ve been reliving my childhood playing Gold and Silver again.

    I first started playing Pokemon with the original Kanto generation: Red, Blue, Yellow. I really love Unova and Kalos and I cannot wait for the new Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon game coming out later this year!

    And if you don’t understand what the heck I’m on about, I’m sorry, I’m such a gamer geek!

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