California Dreams Tour

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    Did you attend the California Dreams Tour?

    I did. It was my first time seeing Katy and I loved every minute of it.



    Yes! It was my first time seeing Katy too. I loved t so much.


    Bec B

    The first time I saw her was also my first concert. Loved every minute, especially the storytelling narrative for the theme.



    My Fave bit was when Katy used to pretend to play big pimpin on the flute LOL LOL LOL



    i got to see CDT twice. Once in Philadelphia, and then my friend and I decided last minute to get tickets to see her at Madison Square Garden. It was so awesome being able to see her perform at MSG for the first time, and then during the show she announced that it was sold out, and you could just see how proud she was. It was an awesome moment. And she floated right over us during Thinking of You. That tour will always hold the most special place in my heart.



    I loved this tour so much. The concept. The outfits. The performances. The fact that the entire arena smelled like cotton candy. I’ll never forget it.



    The CDT was my first time seeing Katy since I was too young to go to the festival she played at in Ireland during the OOTB era (grrr!). I loved the Prismatic Tour and the Witness Tour looks amazing (still trying to decide on which UK show to go to) but the CDT will always be the most special tour to me, personally.
    I’m obsessed with cuteness and candy and bright colours so the whole theme/aesthetic of the CDT was so incredible to see. I love the extra lengths she went to in order to make the whole experience so immersive (cotton candy smell, whipped cream cannons etc).
    The fact that I had a M&G was also unbelievably great but that was only the cherry on top of an already fantastic show!
    I’ll never forget #DublinDreams <3



    attended CDT in Jakarta almost 6 years ago and that was my first time going to a concert. had the best time of my life standing at the front row to see her live!



    It was my first time seeing Katy, here in Argentina in a Pepsi Music Festival in 2011.
    I was alone, but still, it was really special to me.
    And for me… still the best tour!



    Yeees! Saw Katy for the first time and meet some amazing people :”) I’m so grateful for everything!



    Yes in Sheffield uk was my first time seeing katy 🙂



    Yes! I saw it in London with my best friend, I loved it so much and that’s the reason I became a stan



    I wasn’t able to attend the CDT because I was too young. I have seen a lot of videos on YouTube and I feel bad that I didn’t witness it by myself, because it looks so colorful and everyone who attend the show was filled with happiness!

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