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    What was your favorite part & least favorite part? Your fav pictures? What did you learn about Katy that you didn’t know before? Maybe you were even one of the lucky few that got to WITNESS the live stream in person – tell us about your experience!



    my favorite part was the Rose & Thorn Dinner, was so good saw strong females together talking about important issues



    I thought the whole thing was amazing! my favourite parts were the therapy session (becuase she let us see a side to her she doesn’t normally see and I look at some things differently now), the final show, and seeing all the katy cats that I follow on social media being a part of it



    this hahaha



    i loved the therapy session (so painful to watch but we got to learn so much about her), when james corden woke her up and they had to eat nasty stuff, when mia and cleo went to visit and they had dinner, all the nugget moments and the concerts. i also really liked watching her get ready and giving little makeup tips!! and i really disliked that movie night she had with gigi and markus lol they just wanted to party and drink and she watched the movie pretty much alone i was so annoyed





    The entire live stream moved and educated me, when it first started i thought “oh this will be fun” but i did not realize i would be learning so much and laughing and crying so much! i was hooked for the whole thing. Loved the Therapy and the Science! and LOVE Gordon Ramsay cause hes lush.

    My personal Highlight though was the Rose and Thorn Dinner Co-hosted with Cleo, it was amazing to hear such powerful woman talk so openly about things that all woman experience but don’t always discuss, it hammered home to me the importance of woman sticking together and listing each other up and not tearing each other down, helping and teaching each other so we can all thrive. I will never forget that dinner conversation, i ill carry it with me the rest of my life.

    I feel so blessed to have witnessed it.

    also special shout out to our own @camiwitness who was present at the dinner, you carried your self with so much poise and grace you beautiful goddess x



    After WWW I understood that Katy has the biggest heart and she wants to spread her love all around the world no matter what ppl will say. Also that she is the most positive, authentic and craziest person <3



    I loved everything especially the therapy session. We learned so much about her. The James Cordin part was disgusting but funny. The Gordon Ramsey part had me laughing throughout. I also loved the part where she was watching her music videos and talking about them. 😃



    also special shout out to our own @camiwitness who was present at the dinner, you carried your self with so much poise and grace you beautiful goddess x

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! (I cried a little bit rn).
    My experience was amazing, as you may know. That was my first time meeting Katy EVER, and it couldn’t have gone better for me. I didn’t know I was having dinner with them until pretty much the time I was about to go in. I was so nervous since the day they told me I was going to meet Katy that I couldn’t eat for days, so when they told me I was going to have dinner with them I was like: uh no, I don’t think i’m eating at all. lol but I end up eating normal because Katy and her friends made me feel so comfortable and part of the conversation, that it just felt like eating with friends. Katy was amazing, she asked everything about me and wanted to know all my stories (she also made sure I was eating good, even served me, what an angel), her hug is sooo great, she really squeezes you, it’s lovely. Mia, Cleo, Sia and others were also down to earth. I loved every single second of that night and will be forever grateful.

    Also I met @lazyblazy that day and she was also really good to me. It was pretty much just me as a fan that day (and Regan, but she got in way earlier than me), and Lauren stayed with me the whole time. Queen. <3





    I thought it was amazing and brave of her to do that project. My favorite part was when we watched her troll all of us. I actually watched her like my tweets twice, it was really special lol. I also admired the therapy session. I really cannot think of a least favorite part.


    A BTS documentary is coming soon!! (But it’s on YT Red, so be prepared to pay a subscription fee or use a trial if you’re eligible)

    Edit: Sorry I posted the trailer in a link! I can’t embed the video into the post with the code I got from YouTube…unfortunately 😕



    Is it normal that I can’t find the video who has been posted on her channel ? (the therapist session for example) Is it cancel ?



    At KPWWW I met a Katy who in almost nine years I had not met. I feel more part of her than I ever felt and this is wonderful, I’m sure many cats like me felt that way after the live. My favorite moment was to watch her sleep and make sure she was protected. I was going to sleep thinking that I would see her when I wake up and heard the best good morning of all: “GOOD MORNING WORLD”.

    The moment I least liked it was to have the real notion of how much free hate on the internet affects it. Sadly, she does not deserve any of this, and unfortunately they think that artists are untouchable and do not suffer, so they end up being so ridiculous about it, and can not imagine how much they hurt them.

    I miss the Witness World Wide, I miss seeing her sleeping, I miss Nugget, I miss Aya’s pajamas, I miss Tamra’s laughing Katy’s cooking, I miss seeing so much love. Please, justice by Witness Wolrd Wide second season. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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