You’ve made it! You are a member of! This is the official fan site and home of the KatyCats and we are very pleased to introduce it to you here and show you around. Fasten your seat belts!


Activating your account

Before you can enjoy all features on, you will need to activate your account. If all goes well, you should receive an activation email. Make sure you also check your spam box. If the Activation Email is not sent, let us know and we will manually activate your account. If you do receive the email, click the link and you should be able to log in to the members area. Please note, if you log in without activating your account, your abilities will be limited. Make sure you ALWAYS activate your account first.

Important users

The KatyCats who have a special role on the site are those with a coloured check in front of their names. They are here to help you around the site should you have any issues.

ADMINS : They are basically the ringleaders of, managing the site and trying to make sure everything works properly. The moderators and Country Reps come to them if there are problems that cannot be fixed. The only three admins are: LAZYBLAZY, CottonCandy and Ingie.

MODERATORS : The moderators make sure no spammers are active on the site and keep an eye out to see if no offensive things are posted. They are happy to help you with any issues and they are the first people you can consult if you have questions or problems with the site or other members. The Moderators are: ItsEdiBitch, Olivia, Evrenperry, JessicaSpiritDD, Kyleejoys and Bubbles.

COUNTRY REPRESENTATIVES : The country representatives speak your native language and are the first people you turn to if you have any questions about the site and would like to ask the question in your language. Almost every country has its own group and you can find them here or message them of course. If your country does not have a group, and you would like to be a country rep, please contact us.

KATY PERRY : This is Katy’s official profile. You will not be able to interact with this profile, for obvious reasons, however, it doesallow Katy to snoop around and interact with the rest of us if she wants to.

Please note: “important members” will not have any more chances in contests or special treatment over regular normal members. There are no special privileges other than being able to help the admins with the daily operation of this website. If there is any attempt to take advantage of your role an immediate suspension will result.

Your Profile

Once you are logged in, you will have access to your very own profile. It works a lot like Twitter. In the right corner, you can see your profile picture. When you click on it, it will take you to your dashboard. This is where you can see your notifications, messages, friends, groups and of course profile. It is also where you can edit your profile picture and banner.

Important: If you do not wish to receive an email every time someone sends you a friend request or other notifications, go to settings > e-mail and click no on all the things you do not wish to receive an email about.

You can update your feed by going to Activity and posting whatever you like. Make sure you also check your notifications, as someone might have sent you a friend request!

You can change your profile picture and header by going to profile and then naturally clicking on change profile picture and header. It’s as easy as that!

Live Chat

Note that when you’ve clicked on your dashboard, you will see icons of other members on your right side. If you click on one of those icons, you can send people messages. If they are online, they are able to reply right away. If not, then the message will automatically become a private message which you will find in your inbox.

Important: Should you ever receive unwanted messages or messages you do not feel comfortable with, contact an admin immediately. is meant to be a safe place for Katy’s fans, so we take those complaints very seriously.


The site has several sections:


The heart of! When you are a member, you can join groups, add & message friends and discuss in the Forums. While the main language of this website is English, you will also have the opportunity to join your country’s group and speak your native language to connect and speak with KatyCats from your country.


We want to build a community where every single KatyCat, no matter which language they speak, can join and feel welcome. That doesn’t mean that you do not want to speak in your own language now and then. Every country has its own group where people can post in their own language and speak to fans from their own country. Apart from that, there are various groups for other subjects as well, so do not hesitate to join them.

If you click on members in the menu, a drop down menu will appear. Click on Groups and you will be taken to a page which shows all groups on the site. You can easily join as many groups as you like. Please do not make your own groups as those will be deleted.

If you go to home, you can see who has joined the group and any activity that happens in the group. Every group has its own forum as well. If you want to reply to an already existing thread, just click on it and reply. You are also free to make your own topic. You do that by clicking on Forums and then scrolling down the page until you see the form.

Each group will have a moderator or country representative you can ask for help. PLEASE DO NOT CREATE ANY NEW GROUPS! If you have an idea for a new group you can suggest it in the group or message a mod or admin.
Feel free to create threads in the forum but please make sure not to spam or troll, otherwise there will be consequences. BEHAVE – Katy might be lurking 😉

If you notice any malfunctions or bugs on the site or if you have constructive criticism, you can post in the group or message a mod or admin.


Here you can look for new KatyCat friends and look for members you might already know to send them friend requests.


If you want to stay updated on all that happens in Katy’s career and on the site, make sure you check out the news section. This is where important updates will be posted. Feel free to comment and discuss under every post.


If you want to check where Katy is performing next or where she’s making an appearance, check out the events page. There you will find a calendar which will show you all upcoming events. Also do not forget to join the Concerts & Shows group to discuss your show with others who might be going! If you click on a date it will take you to a summary of the event and furthermore to the according thread where you can discuss, plan & anticipate it!