Katy Perry chatted with PEOPLE about where she finds the inspiration for Katy Perry Collections shoes, which styles are her favorite, her Met Gala outfits, where she finds the inspiration for her American Idol outfits, and more.

PEOPLE: Where do you keep finding inspiration for your shoe collection? Katy Perry: “The universe is vast. It’s really about storytelling. You can pull inspiration from so many different places. You can do it from music, movies, decades, travel. I have to say travel and food are my top two inspirations right now. You’ll see a lot of that in the storytelling of my shoes. It’s also about humor. It’s a play on words. I can just say a word and then there is this game of ad-libbing to get to the idea of a new heel. Especially when I get to concept out all of our holiday stuff.”


Is Jeremy your fashion fairy godmother? KP: “It’s moved my heart so much how much he’s been there for me over the years. I was such a huge fan of him and I basically came up to him at an event and was like, ‘I really love your clothes. I hope to wear them one day!’ And then when my first record came out I asked to borrow an ice cream cone upside down dress for my performance for the record release and he let me borrow it. It was like everything to me. I was in such heaven. It’s very special. We do a lot together — we go on hikes. We hang out. It’s just a lot of fun. It’s a great friendship.”

How do you find inspiration for your American Idol wardrobe? KP: “It’s a moment to really have fun. Those kids are doing show-stopping songs and I’m doing show-stopping looks. I did an Ashish look recently that had a slight Cinco de Mayo vibe. I just love a theme. I also loved the bedazzled two-piece with the headband. I looked like a fortune teller. I was so into it. I love switching it up. They’re all different.”
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