Katy Perry was honored at the 2019 DVF Awards for her work as a LGBTQ Equality activist and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Katy Perry was among the honorees at the 10th Annual DVF Awards on Thursday night. The singer was recognized for her advocacy work with both UNICEF and the LGBTQ community. “Music has opened the doors for so many opportunities for me,” she said while accepting the inspiration award. “The ability to meet people and champion their stories, to be a voice for those who may not have a voice to be heard. … I have been truly transformed by my experiences. … There is a constant fight to bring equality to the forefront.” […] The musician lightened things up when she first approached the podium and revealed, “I’m nervous because my Spanx shorts have rolled all the way up and they are really hitting my thighs!”

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“I don’t quote scripture much. I’ve got some trauma being a pastor’s child,” she joked. “But faith without works is dead, and everyone in this room has the power to transform the lives of other women around them through leadership, through camaraderie, and through community.” […] “I used to shy away somewhat from being a role model, because my understanding of that responsibility was an assumption that I needed to be perfect in order to do so or to do it well. But over the years, I’ve had to ask myself and those around me, what growth comes from perfection?” “You cannot heal others without being on a healing journey too. I would not have arrived here today without essential women along my journey, both past and present. I may not have pushed through my frequent bouts of depression without my sister Angela,” she admitted. “My day to day would cease to exist without many female people in my life.” I think we can all agree her speech showed why she was a good choice for the Inspiration Award, but the woman behind the DVF Awards herself, Diane von Furstenberg, echoed that to Cosmopolitan.com before the show kicked off. “What I love about Katy is the way she opens her heart,” von Furstenberg said. “And when she opens her heart, she becomes vulnerable. But that vulnerability is actually a sign of strength. And I think it’s a wonderful example for women.”

On Thursday night in Brooklyn, Katy Perry was the recipient of the Inspiration Award at the 10th annual DVF Awards, held this year at the Brooklyn Museum. But Perry, in her acceptance speech, still made a point of keeping things light. “I put the ‘con’ in confidence,” she joked once she reached the podium to accept her award. “And I’m very nervous because my Spanx have ridden all the way up my thigh in such a way that… “Anyway,” she laughed. “The goddess energy in this room is undeniable.”

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