Katy Perry talked to Entertainment Tonight about her journey to find her voice.
“I always admired her from afar but being able to really know her has really cemented [my] admiration and the respect I have for her,” Perry shared, praising the fashion legend’s “strength”. “She’s persevered and been resilient and she’s really what I wanna grow up to be,” Perry reflected. The singer credited von Furstenberg for helping women all across the world find their voice, “And for me that’s really important.” “That’s been my journey, to find my voice,” she explained. “How ironic is it that I’m a singer and I already have one part of my voice? But it’s taken me a long time to find strength in my day to day life.” “Standing up for myself and feeling like I’m enough, feeling safe, all those things I’ve had to work on,” Perry added. “So, I like to be in the company of women who have found their voice.”
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