Katy Perry spoke with Channel 24 about what she’s most excited about on her trip to South Africa, what fans can expect from her show, one thing she always takes with her on tour, her pre-show rituals, plans away from the stage, her favorite part of the show, how long it takes to rehearse for it, her favorite song(s) to perform and why and more.

You’ve toured the world, what’s the one thing you always take with you?
Now, I try and bring my dog as my security blanket, and a touchstone of home! Otherwise I replaced my teddy bear with a stuffed animal owl, like the goddess Athena has.


What’s your favourite part of the show?
I love when I can go off script and off time code and connect in a local way and share about my experiences in the city, with the people from the city. I also love the new revamp of the ending – Pendulum into Firework, I think is very visually stunning and sonically pleasing!


What is your favourite song to perform and why?
Don’t make me pick my favourite out of all my children! There are elements to all of the songs that I love – I love the sass in the choreography of Dark Horse, the high energy of Teenage Dream and Roar, and how loud I hear those songs sung back to me from the audience, but I also love the ballads when I can just SANG.

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