While on stage at Jazz Fest in New Orleans on Saturday, Katy talked a bit about being asked to play the festival when she had already marked it off in her calendar to attend as a bystander.

“I got a call in the spring and they said, “Katy, would you like to come play Jazz Fest?” And I said, ‘Oh, shoot!” I mean, I’m trying to eat!” she told the crowd.

Perry told fans that she had planned to come to the festival as a fan herself, before getting the gig to actually play. She said she had a very simple plan.

“I want to eat, I want to drink until I slowly pass out in public,” she said.

So, when she got the call to headline, she joked that she had to think twice, keeping her love of fried specialties in mind.

“Yes, I love music, I want to play and I love people and I love connection, but I love fried okra!” she said.

As the crowd cheered and laughed, Perry had another clarification she was proud to share.

“I just want to let it be known, I am not pregnant. This is just yesterday and I am proud of it. I’m so happy to be here, I love New Orleans so much.”

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