Katy Perry talked with The San Diego Union-Tribune about what her biggest truth is, the most important thing she learned from being on the 2009 Vans Warped Tour, how she’s approaching her KAABOO Del Mar set, the first festival she attended as a kid, what her greatest creative impetus is, public and critical criticism and more.

“My biggest truth is to find connection between my story and the stories of the people I get to meet because my music brings us together. I want people to feel like they are seen,” said the veteran singer-songwriter and social media queen, who has 108 million Twitter followers, 68 million-plus Instagram followers and 64 million-plus Facebook followers.


Q: You’ve been doing music for at least half your life and been a major star for the past decade. What has been a greater creative impetus for you — and why: success or failure?
My heart is my greatest creative impetus. Music has always been a way for me to express myself, and from the very beginning of my career, I have always felt like I will succeed because the world doesn’t need another copy of something that already exists, but needs the voice that only I can give.

Q: Does the public and critical reception to your latest album make you more determined to follow your creative muse? Or has it caused you to re-evaluate your musical direction?
I’m always up for constructive criticism, but will continue to stay true to my authentic artistic self. I’m proud of my continual evolution.

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