Always one for a theme, Katy Perry turned up as Ursula for American Idol’s Disney night. She also spoke to Entertainment Tonight about who she was originally going to dress up as and why she ended up as Ursula.

“I was thinking about [being] the Little Mermaid but then I realized, Ursula is a character who isn’t done very much, [while] the Little Mermaid always gets her moment in the sun!” Perry explained, in the character’s menacing tone. “And Ursula, actually, really wants Ariel’s voice. And that’s what I want, is these contestants’ voices!”

Bryan, who donned his regular duds for the occasion, admitted that he was impressed by Perry’s dedication before he ever even saw her outfit.

“She’s the queen of shock factor,” Bryan told ET as he stood next to his tentacled co-star. “I was in my trailer, looking like me, and somebody goes, ‘Katy is gonna be Ursula.’ And I go, ‘Is she purple all over?’ And they said, ‘She’s purple all over.’ I went, ‘God, I love that woman. I love her.'”

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