Virgin EMI president Ted Cockle spoke to Music Week about Katy Perry’s return with “Never Really Over” and how there’s “plenty of goodness to come.”

“We heard the song and thought it was a wonderful song in the artillery of Katy Perry,” said Cockle. “She is funny, sharp as a button, supremely entertaining. She was able to come over a couple of weeks ago and just spend time with people, play them the song and other songs as well that gave them confidence that this is not a one-off situation. There’s plenty of goodness to come.”

“If you press the Katy button, you want to have some euphoric, great fun moments,” said Cockle. “That song is completely on brand for Katy, radio and the public are registering that and are pleased that it’s a welcome return for her.”


Cockle said that Perry’s approach at present was to “have some fun making music and be excited about the songs”.

“The album will come in its own fine time,” he added.
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