The Bolton News has reviewed Katy Perry’s “Witness: The Tour” stop in Manchester.

UNDERSTATED is never going to be a word you would use to describe Katy Perry.

The singer brought her Witness world tour to Manchester and a packed out arena witnessed something very special indeed This was some spectacle with production values which made your average West End show look like an am dram offering in the local church hall.


The production values were incredible. Computer graphics complemented every song, the eight backing dancers never stopped and two acrobats provided Cirque du Soleil-like interludes to allow for the obligatory costume changes.

Now all this flashy production would count for nothing if the songs weren’t there to back it up. This was a gig, a concert lest we forget.

But no fears there. The feisty Ms P delivered on all fronts. This girl can sing – she’s not all show and no substance.

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