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    Hey guys ! Did you win a Meet & Greet with us ? Did you like it ? Wanna tell us more about it and write it down so it’s REAL and not just a dream ??

    This is the place to do it… Take a deep breath… AND TELL πŸ‘πŸ½ US πŸ‘πŸ½ EVERYTHING πŸ‘πŸ½ (if you want…) ! ❀️



    I’m so here to read all the stories. Come on guys!



    Come on guys ! Share this experience with us πŸ™‚



    I agree! I want to hear the stories from people who have won the M&G’s! <3



    Yesss! I love hearing/seeing photos of this happening, it’s totally living vicariously through someone else. XD



    I came here to read all the stories but where are they? πŸ™



    Please share some stories/photos guys, I always love reading about them! <3




    Okay so here’s the complete story of Witness the Tour: Boston. My mom and I took the train in, and waited around for, Gabby (@katysarmpit) to show up. (She was the one who won the M&G and took me as her +1) Meanwhile, we found the other KatyCats and kinda just hung around with them. Eventually Gabby showed up and we had to go to the box office to get our meet and greet passes. So we did and we got wristbands, and it really didn’t feel like it was actually happening. We had to wait for the doors to open at 6:30 and go through security like the rest of the crowd but when we got upstairs we waited where Katy’s management told us to wait and that a set of twins would come find us. Around 7:15 they showed up and said hi and slowly started bringing all of us up the elevators. There had to be at least 20 of us because it was UNICEF, radio winners and then the KatyCats. There was a room that was basically a lounge and she had couches and chairs and also a photo booth thing for us to take pictures. There was candy, and sunglasses laid around everywhere as well. Over the speakers they were playing the album and when Swish Swish came on, me and the other KatyCats (@katysarmpit, @katysbrat, @divine_rise) were rapping Nicki Minaj’s part and one of the twins recorded it from my phone and said he was going to show it to Katy. After probably 20 minutes of terrible anticipation, she poked her head inside of the room, we all screamed and then she walked in and said hi to everyone in the room. Tamra walked in right after her, and us KatyCats knowing who she was screamed her name and she tried to hide from us LOL. So after legit staring at her, trying to soak it all in, and watching her talk to other people, everyone else had left and it was our turn. She knew all 4 of were THE KatyCats so she came up to all of us at once. Immediately we told her not to cut Save As Draft from the set list because we all loved it (of course) She told us she’d try but it was a hard song to sing. (Side note: she ended up singing it but didn’t sing it the second night). Finally after watching two of my friends go, it was my turn and I followed her back in front of the poster we’d take pictures in front of. We said hi and I showed her my @ on the sticker I was wearing (props to @katycatkristen) of my twitter and she goes “OH MY GOD. you’re so funny.” I showed her a sign that I made to hold up that had my infamous This Is How We Do crocodile picture on it, and she was like “was that a real crocodile?” So I was like “no…” and she goes “how…that was actually pretty good” and then I told her how i wanted her to believe that it was real, and she hit me with my own sign haha. I gave her a letter I wrote and she took both the letter and the sign, although I didn’t intentionally mean to give her the sign but whatever. Then, I showed her my tattoo since it was her lyrics from Rise, and she goes “oh wow” and traced it with her finger. Eventually she said “what’s that?” pointing to the ribbon so I told her the significance and she said “same” (meaning we were both survivors) then she gave me a high five, held my hand and pulled me into her arms. We took pictures, and then afterwards again, she goes “wait. that’s so cool. Can I see it again?” so I showed her and she asked if it was my only tattoo and If it hurt. I responded, and then she stands up straight and asks for her phone. Right then and there my stomach dropped because I was like wHAT. and then she opens Instagram and takes a video of it (she asked if she could, and of course I was like YES) She wrote “A RISEN WOMAN” and then asked if it was WOMEN or WOMAN and I go “Woman. Singular” and she turned around and gave the camera the sassiest look. she tried to say how she makes typos all the time but obviously knowing this already I was like “yes we know” and she goes “sssshut up”. I told her I was an English and Education major and she goes “girl, I need to take you on the road with me” and then looking at her Instagram she goes “what’s your @?” and tags my Instagram in the picture. I totally, mentally, freaked out. She gave her phone back to Tamra, we took more pics and then I shuffled out of the way for another KatyCat to meet her. After we were all just standing around and she came back over and told all of us to stick together because the world was fucking crazy. Eventually we went to leave and I kept looking back at her, and she’d wink at me. We got outside to the hallway, with one of the twins and we all just group hugged and started crying. It was such an amazing experience. Another note, we didn’t have drop zone tickets so they upgraded us because they knew we were KatyCats. ICONIC. The second night, we stood inside the TD Garden for 4-5 hours waiting to go inside because we wanted the best standing room in GA. There was like 10 KatyCats there that I knew from online and we all hung out until then. Once they let us in we all started sprinting to the front and eventually we got the very very front, in front of the main stage. I had made a sign that said “A RISEN WOMAN.” And when she came out I kept holding it up, and twice she pointed at me and smiled. Also, one of the camera men put me and @katysarmpit and @divine_rise on the big screen singing and jumping around for the whole arena to see. We were shook. Some girls behind me recognized me from when Katy basically gave me a shoutout on Instagram and they were like amazed by me LOL. But having katy remember and point at me twice was literally AMAZING and the whole weekend was the best ever and I will forever be so happy because of it. Special shoutout and thank you to Katy and KatyCats.com for making this weekend such an amazing weekend that I will never ever forget. I appreciate you guys dearly.

    – Alexis @iickmekaty



    Your story is amazing! I am in love with it. Can you post some of your pictures with her? πŸ™‚



    M&G Pics



    Omg I love your story @lIckmekaty 😭😭😭!!! Congrats that is a dream come true, GF!!



    Aw, it literally sounds so amazing ❀️ I’m so glad you had the best time! I bet you couldn’t have wished for a better experience! X



    @iickmekaty Thank you for taking the time to write such a heartfelt review of your experience!! How amazing for you…I’m blown away by how great it sounds. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚



    @iickmekaty I loved reading your story so much, thank you for sharing it πŸ™‚



    Only one (amazing) story?! Cmon guys! We want some stories, I’m sure they’re all amazing!

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