Katy Perry has launched the Spring 2022 line Katy Perry Collections shoes and Footwear News about taking 100% ownership over the company and the new line.

When the singer and entrepreneur learned of the July 2021 bankruptcy filing of Global Brands Group, the holding company that served as co-owner and manufacturer of footwear brand Katy Perry Collections, she took matters into her own hands.

“I was faced with the choice of fading away into obscurity with this line that I have worked so hard on for five years and that is just kind of coming out of its infancy and finding its strengths. Or just leveling up,” Perry told FN in a phone interview last week. “I just decided to take complete ownership and level up, find great partners, develop my team and put to practice all of the education I have learned — and just be that CEO boss bitch that I want to be.”
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