Vanity Fair has picked 9 Songs From 2019 That Might Predict The Future of Pop Music and Katy Perry’s “Never Really Over” is included. Buy or stream the song here and watch the official music here and newly publicly released vertical video here.

On the flip side of “Bad Guy,” let’s give it up one time for a last year model! Katy Perry returned in May with a song so squarely old-school, so scientifically traditionalist, so deliciously 2011 in it’s pure popness that it could almost be called radical. “Never Really Over” marks a return to the pristine pop Perry mastered on her smash album Teenage Dream, filled with synth flourishes, broad lyrics about a relationship rekindling, and an absolutely slamming, wailing chorus or three which blast through your brain whether you like it or not. It’s also exactly the kind of major-key, shimmering electro pop which has been deeply out of favor in the second half of this decade. Perry, though, is clearly hedging her bets that there’s an underserved appetite for it in 2019 and given the song’s strong opening on the charts, she may very well be on to something.

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