Uproxx: “Katy Perry’s ‘Small Talk’ Is Ebullient Synth-Pop Perfection.”

Uproxx have shared a short review of Katy Perry’s “Small Talk” with their headlining stating it is, “ebullient synth-pop perfection.” The bouncy, retro-sounding single is Perry’s first since “Never Really Over” was released earlier this year. “Small Talk” is breezy pop perfection, as Perry recalls the days she used to be close to someone, before […]

Katy Perry Attends Capitol Congress 2019.

Katy Perry attended Capitol Congress today where she took to the stage to present her new song, “Small Talk,” which will be released Friday, August 9th. Billboard’s Jeff Benjamin describes the song as “a very clear next step to “Never Really Over.” Bouncy, synth feeling with an emotional tinge, she takes full lead on the […]