Katy Perry spoke with W Magazine about why she decided to take full ownership of Katy Perry Collections, what her style was like in her teens, memorable fashion finds, what she always keeps in her bag, favorite fashion moments in pop culture, if she’s started thinking about what she’s wearing to this year’s Met Gala, emerging designers she’s got her eye on, favorite place(s) to shop for day-to-day, and more.

What do you always keep in your bag?

My vitamins, my lip gloss, and a magazine so that when my brain fries on my phone, I can reposition my head for a minute. The two I have subscriptions to, that I really care about, are The Economist and AD [Architectural Digest]. An aesthetic and a world moment, you know?


Have you started thinking about what you’re going to wear to the next Met Gala?

I’m in [the] process, and then Vogue announced that the theme had a category within a category and it was like, “Okay,” and we pivoted. It’s not as obvious, more of a subtle nod to the theme. It doesn’t always have to be like Halloween, although I love a very… like, when they said “camp,” I was like, Got it, let’s go!
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