Katy Perry To Narrate Authorized Elizabeth Taylor Podcast.

Katy Perry target=”_blank”>is set to narrate and co-produce an authorized Elizabeth Taylor podcast entitled, “Elizabeth The First.” The 10-episode podcast will debut this Spring on all major platforms. In a statement, Perry says of Taylor, “like most people, I was attracted to her glamour… I’m inspired by her bold activism, her constant boss moves in […]

Katy Perry Speaks With W Magazine.

Katy Perry spoke with W Magazine about why she decided to take full ownership of Katy Perry Collections, what her style was like in her teens, memorable fashion finds, what she always keeps in her bag, favorite fashion moments in pop culture, if she’s started thinking about what she’s wearing to this year’s Met Gala, […]

Recording Academy: 7 Things To Know About Katy Perry’s Perfectly Outrageous Vegas Residency PLAY.

The Recording Academy has put together a list of 7 things to know about Katy Perry’s perfectly outrageous Vegas residency PLAY. …and she sounds fantastic Lest anyone think Perry’s occasionally cartoonish affect means she isn’t a serious artist, Play is here to remind you that it’s possible to have fun and still sing your goddamn […]