Katy Perry talked with MTV about her collaboration with Pokemon for their 25th anniversary, “Electric,” and how the video “embraces a ‘lush, naturalist’ vibe of empowerment.’

“They came to the right person if they want that empowerment moment,” Perry said. “Some people write only heartache songs or sexy songs or a combination. And my lane seems to be the ‘you can do it, ignite your light’ empowerment. It’s all within, you know? That’s a message I love standing by.”

“I think the lighthouse has been for hundreds of years so symbolic of safety and guidance,” Perry said. “I think guidance is the keyword for this video because it’s basically me guiding my younger self to stay the course and not give up because it’s going to happen, you know? The story of the music video, where she sings at the farmers’ market and she sings at talent shows, and she buys this leopard coat to feel good — all of that is my story.”

The farmers’ market where she plays an early gig is loaded with Easter eggs found on the awnings of the local tents, including her daughter’s name (Daisy), the name of her partner Orlando Bloom’s son (Flynn), and other family members. It’s a way to honor her loved ones both now and in the future: “Just sweet little moments so then they can look back in 10 years and go, ‘Oh, I was thought of! I mattered!'”

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