AZ Central’s Glendale Review: There’s No One Else Quite Like Katy Perry.

AZ Central has posted a review and photos of Katy Perry’s “Witness: The Tour” stop in Glendale, AZ. She returned for a one-song encore, a slow-burning “Firework” that was somehow even more dramatic than the single, the star performing on a giant outstretched hand. It’s emerged as a bit of a signature song – for […]

Arkansas Online’s “Witness: The Tour” Review: Katy Perry Can Sing, Strut & Serve Up A Spectacle.

Arkansas Online has posted a review of Katy Perry’s “Witness: The Tour” stop in North Little Rock, AR. aty Perry can sing, strut and serve up a spectacle. She can sink giant stage prop basketballs and soar on the rings of Saturn above a crowd, while playing guitar and wearing a sparkly Cher-esque ensemble and […]