What is KatyCats.com?

KatyCats.com is the official fan community for KatyCats. It is the place to be for everybody who loves Katy Perry and wants to connect with other fans. Everyone is welcome to join, as long as you are 13 years or older.

You can connect with other fans, discuss everything related to Katy and keep up your own profile. Members of KatyCats.com also have access to exclusive content, competitions and other fun stuff!

Is it free?

Yes! It is completely free to sign up to our website and no additional charges will be made once you are a member.

Who runs KatyCats.com?

KatyCats.com is an initiative of the old KatyPerryForum. It is also moderated by the same people. You can find us and connect with us too! LAZYBLAZY, CottonCandy and Ingie are the admins and basically in charge of everything.

Olivia helps with keeping the calendar up to date. Apart from that, there are also moderators who keep an eye on everything.

We strive for every country to have their own representative. We are currently looking for Country reps, so if you are interested, drop one of us a message.

Is it really official?

We are officially official. We work closely together with Katy’s management to make sure the KatyCat community is well taken care of!

I don't understand how something works! Help!

If you have any questions regarding registration, you can either contact us via the contact page or hit up via Twitter @KatyPerryForum. We try to respond within a day but do not throw tomatoes at us if it takes a little longer.

If you have an account and you don’t know how something works, try to contact your country’s representative or one of the moderators. If they can’t help you, they will contact the admins to see if they can fix your problem.

Can you give me a meet&greet? I totally deserve it,

That’s what they all say. When Katy wants to do meet&greets during her tours or special events, members of KatyCats.com will have a chance to win. Katy usually wants a mix of old fans and new ones she’s never met before, so everybody has a chance to win. If there are meet and greets to give away, members will be able to reply to a specific show’s thread in the meet and greet group. Please note that winners will be randomly selected.

Are you Katy?

Who knows?

How do I join a group?

Go to the Groups summary and click on the “Join Group” button of the group you wish to join. Then you can check the latest activity on the Home page of the group, join the conversation or create threads in the forum of the group and check out who are the members.

How can I post a picture?

You want to share your art or pics of Katy with other KatyCats? That’s easy if you follow these next steps. You can share pics from other websites or you can upload them in your BuddyDrive. It’s important that the files are JPEG, GIF or PNG, other files wouldn’t work. If you want to use pics from internet without an upload just copy the adress and junp to step five.

Go to your PROFILE and chose your BuddyDrive. Click on the button NEW FILE

Drop your image(s) in that area. It have to be a JPEG, GIF or PNG.

When your file is uploaded you will find it listed in your BuddyDrive. To get the Link for your post, click at the <strong>Share-Button</strong> behind the pic that you want to post.

A window open and you can copy the link. Close the window with a click on the X.

If you want to insert your pic in a post click on the IMG-Button above the reply form.

A) A new window open. Paste in here the link you copy before and click OK
B) An other window open. Type in (if you want) a title of your pic and click again OK

Finished! If you post it now, everyone can see your pic. IMPORTANT: Don’t change the code!