Katy Perry Chats With MTV Australia.

Katy Perry chatted with MTV Australia about how “Smile is her welcoming back the fun, the comedy and the playfulness that made the world fall in love with her in the first place, with intervention from her ‘higher self’,” how she looks back on “Teenage Dream” fondly, how her evolution through music over the years […]

Katy Perry’s “SMILE” Release Pushed To August 28th.

Katy Perry has announced that the release of her new album “SMILE” will be pushed back to August 28th due to production delays. In the meantime, every Sunday starting this weekend – until the album is released or her daughter is born – she’ll take part in “Smile Sundays” where she’ll go live for 30+ […]

Katy Perry On Ash London Live.

Katy Perry was on Ash London Live and talked about (main chat titled KATY PERRY On Rising Up From Criticism) what makes her smile straight away, the themes on the album “SMILE,” the album cover, how her career shifted with the release of “Witness” and how it pushed her towards evolving, and more. She also […]

Katy Perry On Sunrise.

Katy Perry was on Sunrise and talked about how she’s feeling this far into her pregnancy, the universal experience of motherhood and feeling love from women in general, all of the loss that she’s experienced recently, her new song “What Makes A Woman,” what’s been the best thing about her pregnancy, and more.

Katy Perry On The Howard Stern Show.

Katy Perry was on The Howard Stern show and talked about her songwriting process – how she’s a lyricist and a melody person, some lyrics that were cut from “Teenage Dream,” how she did a ton of edits on the song “Smile,” not being anxious to give birth, that paddleboarding picture and vacation, and more.

Katy Perry On Smallzy’s Celebrity Small Talk.

Katy Perry was on Smallzy’s Celebrity Small Talk and spoke about her song and record “SMILE,” enjoying being a ‘mom on the move,’ having interesting videos coming for songs on the record that she created both before and during quarantine, one of her new songs “Only Love” being about all the things that you would […]