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    Angelic twin flames bonded in spirit that became one, barely touched each other’s Earth body
    Darkness filled soul jealous plotted the fall of the divine union of twin souls.
    Twin flames stood in heavens above Earth should have gone to Sion.
    Got torn apart by jealous lustful greedy deceitful egoistic fallen soul.
    On Earth twins stood, both gave up ascended journey to Sion to psychically touch Each other’s soul.
    Darkness, curses, beatings, calumny, cohesive control beat down one and poisoned the mind of the other twin soul.
    One spirit fills with darkness falls from heavens
    The other Earth’s body dying from beatings rapture only life saver offered to save his soul.
    Torn apart one dying ascending to Sion, where the other has fallen from angelic realm weighed by darkness within her soul.
    Now dark fallen angel became twin dark souls, united in falling paid with the suffering of the ascended twin soul.
    The twin flame that took her in truth to the realm of the Gods and seraphim is the divine twin, where the other dark twin flame will take her to the lies of darkness in the demon god of the abyss.
    Within each soul two wolfs , one good the other evil.
    Depending on what wolf you feed will determine whether one attracts dark twin or divine twin, that in turn will decide the fate of your path of soul!