Katy Perry covers Paper Magazine and in it talks about the personal growth she’s undergone as a result of age, therapy, life experiences and more, seeking more balance in her professional life, pushing all of her limits plus more.

Katy Perry has college on the brain. The singer, who is taking a break from both making an album and going on tour this year, is considering a foray into the scholarly life. She’s even checked out a college at Oxford for mature students. “A lot of people go who have already had success in their careers at 45, and they’re like, ‘Well, what the fuck do I do now?’ That was interesting, because it would be very Harry Potter for me,” she says. Perry says she still loves music, but the touring part — which she’s been known to continuously do for as long as two years — really “tires [her] out.”

Imagining the classes she’d take one day, she lists “Anthropology, Astronomy, Egyptology, Comparative Religious Studies,” continuing, “I like the history of things. I like storytelling. I like philosophical studies and mystical studies. I love knowing about sacred geometry and stuff like that.” Perry’s inquisitive and introspective. “[My chart is] triple Scorpio. Very, very sensitive, but strong with everything,” she says. She’s also someone who’s always possessed a keen curiosity about the world and who was, as she puts it, frequently “questioning everything.”


While Perry continues to figure out whether she’ll attend school, she says in the meantime, she’ll be “learning how to live in the small,” working on her mental health and enjoying the fruits of the personal growth that comes with age. Plus, at 34, she doesn’t have a Saturn Return to worry about anymore. “I’m just such a different person than I was [in my 20s],” she says, before backtracking a step. “Not such a different person — the foundation was always there. I’ve always been hella sarcastic, always the black sheep, always thought outside the box…[But] whereas I used to think things were too scary or not for me, now I’ve pushed my limits in all of that. I’m really more tolerant and accepting.” Summing it up, she says, with a smile, “It’s really just your 30s. I love them so much.”

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