During today’s #SmileSundays livestream, Katy Perry released 5 brand new CD/vinyl alternate covers and picture discs of her upcoming album “SMILE” along with two new t-shirts. The alternates will only be available now through Thursday at 11:59pm ET. She also announced that she’s still signing CD’s and will let fans know when they’re available, that the “Smile” music video will be out on August 14th, that pretty much every song has a visual component to it including new videos for “Never Really Over” and “Harleys In Hawaii,” which songs are ballads, that Max Martin worked on the album, one of the weirdest moments he had while recording the album, played snippets of “Not The End Of The World” and “What Makes A Woman,” and more. That’s all to say – you DON’T want to miss Smile Sundays!

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