Rolling Stone has picked Katy Perry’s “Never Really Over” as their Song You Need To Know.

With the release of her latest Dreamlab and Zedd-produced single “Never Really Over,” Perry is hitting the reset button and leaving the Witness era behind. The song sees Perry returning to her roots by setting propulsive electro-pop to a bubblegum beat—a sonic throughline in all of Perry’s hits. With a pulsating chorus that samples Norwegian pop singer Dagny’s 2017 single “Love You Like That,” Perry ruminates over questionable romantic decisions in her past: “Two years, and just like that / My head still takes me back / Thought it was done / But I guess it’s never really over.” With the sound of ticking clocks, a disruptive drumline and the return of her hypnotic vocals, Perry gives fans the bombastic comeback they’ve been yearning for. “Never Really Over” puts Perry back where she belongs: on Sugar Mountain.

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