Katy Perry was interviewed (Original / Translated) by Billboard Japan and talked about how she’s changed over the past ten years, finding balance while on tour, her interest in technological advances, picking opening acts for her tours, women who inspire her, how her creativity can be inspired, social media culture, being a part of the fight to spread positivity, and more.

BILLBOARD JAPAN: Finally, he launched a footwear collection and is also a judge for “American Idol”, but what would you like to try not only for music in the future?
KATY PERRY: I feel gratitude and pride for the various opportunities given. Most of the day I am satisfied with what the world wants to give me. But … well, I will continue to be the light of everyone, I want to continue giving love, joy and hope to people’s lives. Hope is not felt from the current internet society. The negative part sounds bigger than the positive part. I think that we must face up the negative side with positive influence. I want to be part of that fight. Whatever it is to shoes, music, movies, or simply being yourself.

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