Broadway World caught up with Katy Perry to talk about how Las Vegas has been treating her, growing up visiting Las Vegas, how PLAY being stationary affected the creation of it, how she goes about building the worlds she puts together for her concerts, inspirations behind PLAY, if we could see her on Broadway or in a formal musical, what it was like releasing “When I’m Gone” and then being able to perform it the same night, and more.
I love how theatrical your shows always are, they’re like mini-musicals. When you’re building these worlds around your shows, how do you go about creating them?
Well I think it kind of comes in tandem with the music, a lot of times the visual of what it possibly could be. I’m just like in a full fantasy a lot of times when I’m writing. So I think that, you know, Walt Disney is one of my biggest heroes. I’m a huge Disney fan and card-holding Club 33 member, the whole bit. I just love a little bit of escapism and honestly, if you want to be psychological about it, I wasn’t too keen on my upbringing. I kind of imagined my own other reality, and now I’m able to execute it through these moments. I think it’s fun. I like a lot of modern stuff, but I do think there’s a way to make everything in the kitchen sink look gorgeous and fun.

You dropped your new single “When I’m Gone” with Alesso on the opening night of PLAY. What was it like releasing the track and then getting to perform it on that same night?
Well, I knew that we were going to put it out, so we had been planning it and actually I had this song pretty much ready for a year. I was like, “I’m not ready to put anything out until I go back to Vegas.” I wanna pump up the jams again for the kids. We knew we had it, so we created some part of the show around it. It’s fun. It’s like a real dance song. It’s sexy. And I usually don’t do a whole lot of those. I do more like the empowerment, inspiring flare, but you know, every once in a while, it’s fun to remind people that I’m that bitch. I’ve been through many things, but I also could be that bitch.

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