Katy Perry has announced the launch of beverages De Soi. Co-founded with Morgan McLachlan (former chief product officer and master distiller for Amass), De Soi is a line of non-alcoholic aperitifs. On the website, the drinks are described as being inspired by “the French ethos of pleasure and restraint, […] apéritifs made with natural adaptogens.” Check out the flavors and their adaptogens below. A bottle will run you $25 while a 4 pack of cans starts at $25 and continues to go up in price as you double the amount of cans in your pack through 48 at $225.

Golden Hour
Adaptogenic Ingredients: It’s time to tap into your inner artiste and let loose, baby. Maca and lemon balm soothe your stress and spur creativity for a feel-good night in (or out).
Flavor Notes: Bright and bracing, with notes of warm citrus, lemongrass, and leafy herbs. The bite you crave, but full of zest.
Green Tea, Maca, Lemon Balm

Champignon Dreams
Adaptogenic Ingredients: Ease into the evening with relaxing reishi mushroom and passion flower. This dreamy duo is meant for kicking back with a snack and chillin’.
Flavor Notes: Juicy and balanced, with notes of sticky summer strawberries, bitter grapefruit, and earth. A good time in a glass.
Green Tea, Passion Flower, Reishi Mushroom

Purple Lune
Adaptogenic Ingredients: Fight off fatigue with a mind-mellowing mix of ashwagandha and tart cherry. Raise your glass as you feel the stress slip away and your body come back into balance.
Flavor Notes: Rich and delicate, with notes of blackberry nectar, vanilla oak, and rose petals. Complex, but not exhausting.
Ashwagandha, Tart Cherry, Green Tea

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