Katy Perry was honored at this year’s amfAR Gala Los Angeles, receiving the Courage Award. She spoke at the gala, “Today I understand that a courageous life is the only one worth living.” […] She continued: “I may not have known it then but daring to ask questions and redefine right and wrong when everybody around me spoke in absolutes was my first attempt at a courageous life.” […] “To my LGBTQ-plus family who is disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS, I’ve always felt such a deep connection to, and gratitude for your bravery to live your authentic truth. It’s a gift to all of us and you deserve to be safe, seen and celebrated,” she said. “I want to thank you for always offering me a home in your hearts and a bench in your ears. You have one in mine, too, and we are in this together.” Katy also donated $5,000 and auctioned off a trip to Disneyland including lunch at the exclusive Club 33 that ended up going to a winning bid of $160,000.


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