Katy Perry spoke with Footwear News about it being ok for women to feel vulnerable and not having to be superheroes all the time.
“I think we had to do this ‘women are strong’ thing for such a long time to make [things] more equal [with men],” Perry told FN. “But, I think it’s OK if women are vulnerable and if they’re tired. It’s OK if they need to take care of themselves or if they just ‘can’t even.’”

In other words, “women don’t have to be super heroes [all the time].”

“It’s really important that women can feel all the feelings — even the ones that are crappy,” she added.


“There should be more compassion between all females and [more of] females helping [each other] out and looking out for them and lifting them up rather than judging them or canceling them or gossiping about them,” she said.
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