The Manchester Evening News has posted a review Katy Perry’s “Witness: The Tour” stop in Manchester.

Opening the show in shiny gold armour like a dazzling fembot, it was the start of a succession of ever more beguiling and extraordinary costumes from Katy and her talented dance crew.

With her Katy Cats emulating her dazzling array of stage outfits almost sequin for sequin in the audience, it was a party atmosphere from the off.

Even the neutrals among the audience couldn’t fail to be impressed with the theatrical artistry of this show – dancers strutting with TV screens on their heads, giant flamingos that could star in their own blockbuster show, or the moment she floats high above the stage with her crew of dancers on what looks like a giant yellow Lego stick.

Her energy is insane – she dances, she cartwheels, she does the splits, she plays the guitar astride a floating asteroid – with never less than pitch perfect vocals that fill the arena.


And, not that she needed to endear herself any more to her adoring crowd, but belting out “Manchester you beautiful, resilient city”, certainly did it in an arena still full of memories of the terrible events of 12 months ago.

She dedicates an emotional performance of By the Grace of God to the people of Manchester after saying she wanted to “reclaim this space for only joy, only peace”.

It was spine tingling stuff that left many in the audience in tears.

But of course this show was all about joy.


Shark aside, this was a quite formidable show from a performer at the top of her game, ten years since she first blasted into the pop world’s consciousness.

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