The Tampa Bay Times has posted a review of Katy Perry’s “Witness: The Tour” stop in Tampa Bay, FL. Creative Loafing Tampa Bay also posted a photo gallery.

God bless Katy Perry.

Bless her Cirque du Soleil-sized vision for her Witness: The Tour, which careened into Tampa’s Amalie Arena like a phantasmagoric freakshow on Friday. Bless her 15-foot flamingo puppets, her shed-sized golden dice, her army of eyeball-faced dancers, And, yes, bless Left Shark, that woebegone Super Bowl meme who came with her, and bless the way he and Perry locked ankles, slapped fins and bumped butts.


“It’s Friday night, which means anything can happen, and you can recover tomorrow,” Perry told the crowd. “You can just dance and be a little extra.”

A little extra? It’s hard to imagine a more maximalist performance than Perry’s, a Daliesque dreamworld of insane teenage dreams – or perhaps a preteen all hopped up on Pixy Stix and Pepsi. Ten years into her life on pop’s A-list, Perry is still its biggest, boldest kid at heart, which is why you saw so many actual kids sprinkled among the 11,000 fans in attendance.

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